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News & Events
Florida Pro ET Racer Leigh Zaremba Clinches First Win
Dragtime News email subscriber Leigh Zaremba from Inverness, FL sent me the following email to share with me (and you) his understandable and justfied pride and excitement about getting his first win:

"Just thought I would share! After 4 years of racing I finally got my first event win! I grew a beard (albeit trimmed) to motivate me to win and it worked! I made a few changes to help me also but the beard kept me focused. I dialed a 6.97 to her 6.45 I cut a .003 light to her .043 and ran a 6.968 to her 6.41. After 3 races I'm the points leader by 2 points. I'll continue to work to cut good lights and run the number and let it chips fall as they may. Hope your car is running strong as ever! Take care, Leigh Zaremba."

Leigh, that's awesome! Congratulations on getting your first event win! Keep the focus and keep it going! I've been in the midst of a dry spell myself and your letter has motivated me anew, so thank you for sending!

You can read more about Leigh on the Readers' Rides page.

Leigh Zaremba, current Pro ET points leader at Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, FL and compassionate supporter of animals. Love it! Photo: Thomas Gaines.

Big 3 Shootout at Englishtown

Englishtown, NJ - Muscle cars both classic and modern are invited to the Big 3 Shootout at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park on Saturday, April 19th, 2014.

With three classes of street-muffled bracket racing, there should be something for every muscle car. There’s the Big 3 Shootout for Mustang (2005 and newer), Camaro (2010 and newer) and Mopar LX/LC (2005 and newer). .500 full tree, dial your own bracket, no transbrakes / two-steps. Payout is $200 Win, $100 Runner-Up, based on 32 car field. Racer entry is $30.

There’s a Classic Mustang vs. Camaro Shootout, open to 2004 and older Mustangs and 2002 and older Camaros. Also .500 full tree, dial your own bracket, no transbrakes / two-steps. Payout is $200 Win, $100 Runner-Up, based on 32 car field. Racer entry is $30.

Last but not least is the Muscle Bracket, open to all U.S. muscle. Again, .500 full tree, dial your own bracket, no transbrakes / two-steps. Payout is $200 Win, $100 Runner-Up, based on 32 car field. Racer entry is $30.

Gates open at 9:00 am with time trials at 10:00 am and eliminations at 1:00 pm. Visit www.RacewayPark.com for more info.

NHRA Youth Racing Program at Maple Grove Raceway

Mohnton, PA – Maple Grove Raceway will launch a new program for young aspiring drag racers. The program, called NHRA Youth Racing, was designed by the National Hot Rod Association to give teenage boys and girls – ages 13-16 – the opportunity to race against their peers in full-bodied street vehicles with an adult co-driver as their teammate. The new program will combine racing with car safety and will be sponsored at MGR by Universal Technical Institute. NHRA Youth Racing allows teens to learn to drag race safely, in a full-size car, without having to purchase a purpose-built race car.

“This is another tool in our sport’s toolbox to attract youth and their parents to drag racing,” said MGR Vice President and General Manager Lex Dudas. “The program will be conducted during our local bracket racing events and is an excellent way for parents to bond with their children.”

Competitors will go through an orientation and licensing procedure on an eighth-mile drag strip in their vehicles, which must meet program requirements. Approved vehicles must be registered, insured, street-legal vehicles with mufflers and street tires and limited to 10 seconds and slower in the 1/8th mile. All runs must be made with an approved licensed supervising adult, who must be the participant’s parent or legal guardian or 25 years of age or older with a valid state driver’s license. The licensed supervising adult must be seated in the passenger seat of the vehicle anytime the participant is in the driver’s seat. The licensed supervising adult must drive the vehicle in the pits, into the staging lanes, and on the return road past the time-slip booth. Helmets are mandatory for the participant and the licensed supervising adult.

It is an inexpensive program and a way for families to use drag racing as a learning tool. Race dates will be announced soon on www.MapleGroveRaceway.com. The link to the online application may be found HERE.

All of NHRA’s member tracks are eligible to conduct NHRA Youth Racing activities at their tracks. Those interested in competing should contact a member track by using the Member Track Locator at NHRA.com. Program rules can be found at NHRARacer.com. Learn more about the programHERE.

Ford FE Race & Reunion at Beaver Springs Dragway
Beaver Springs, PA - The Ford big block FE engine was produced from 1958 until 1976 in cubic inches of 332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410 427 and 428. If you’ve got one in a running vehicle bring it out to Beaver Springs Dragway April 25th & 26th, 2013 for the second annual FE Race & Reunion sponsored by Survival Motorsports. This low-key, fun event celebrates the Ford FE big block with racing and a car show. Open to all Ford, Mercury and Edsel FE-powered vehicles, there will be 3 FE race classes including Hot FE for 12.99 & quicker, Cool FE for 13.00 and slower, and Pro FE Quick 8 for the quickest 8 cars. An interesting competition will be the “Fastest Thunderbolt Standing” open to 1964 Thunderbolts or clones only. This is not an eliminator; the quickest ET of the entrants will be the winner.

All FE-powered show cars are admitted free and eligible for a Best of Show award. All spectators are free as well. If you ever wanted to see what your FE can do in the quarter mile head out to Beaver Springs Dragway for the "FE Race & Reunion.” Gates open Friday April 25th at 12:00 noon; gates open Saturday April 26th at 9:00 am.

Visit www.fairlanet.com/FE for more info, or email Doug Bender at fairlaniac@fairlanet.com or Jody Aberts at troublemaker427@comcast.net.

Wrap-Up: American DRAGCAR's Southwestern Challenge Series

Part I of American DRAGCAR's Season III brought its second USDRAGCAR.com Southwestern Challenge Series race to Southwestern International Raceway on Saturday April 5th, 2014.

The top 5 DragCar Eliminator low qualifiers were Jeff Sefranek’s .257 under 11.193 on an 11.45 index, Tom Payton’s .075 under 10.875 on a 10.95 index, Mike Gardner’s .073 under 10.977 on his 11.05 index, Tom Lannies’ 8.675 on an 8.55 index, and Bob Thurston’s 12.187 on his 11.80 index.

The semi-final round had Daryl Amans up against Mark Ballard in the Delray wagon who had suffered index run-under penalties and was now on a 9.15 adjusted index. Daryl had the theoretical performance advantage by about 4 hundredths of a second but after the tree had dropped, the red bulb was showing for the Camaro and Mark was on his way into his second DRAGCAR final in a row. Marvin Wolfmeier then took on Doug Woods and both racers were on re-adjusted indexes from previous round run-under penalties. Mr. Wolf used a nice four hundredths reaction time advantage and an impressive 12.365 on his 12.35 performance to earn the win over Woods’ off index performance.

In the final round Marvin Wolfmeier recorded the official race win and earns the DragSport Predator title while Mark Ballard records the official race points win and earns the DragSport Judicator title. Both of these titles earn Winner trophies and status which also means they earn DRAGCAR winner contingency pay. For more information about the American DRAGCAR series of events, visit www.usdragcar.com.

American DRAGCAR Southwestern Challenge Series 4/5/14

W: Doug Woods, '86 Corvette, Tucson, AZ., Index 14.30, RT .080, ET 14.242
L: Tom Lannie, '85 dragster, Tucson, AZ., Index 8.65, RT .158, ET 8.779

W: Marvin Wolfmeier, '74 Vega, Vail, AZ., Index 12.40, RT .048, ET 12.371
L: Mike Gardner, '67 Falcon, Tucson, AZ, Index 10.95, RT .237, ET 11.007

W: Daryl Amans, '91 Camaro, Tucson, AZ., Index 9.70, RT .050, ET 9.706
L: Geanine Ballard, '67 Camaro, Tucson, AZ., Index 9.25, RT .024, ET 9.287

W: Mark Ballard, '58 Delray, Tucson, AZ., Index 9.20, RT .051, ET 9.197
L: Ron Shelly, '74 Vega, Phoenix, AZ., Index 10.50, RT .020, ET 10.538

W: Mark Ballard, Index 9.15, RT .086, ET 9.289
L: Daryl Amans, Index 9.70, RT -.114, ET 9.703

W: Marvin Wolfmeier, Index 12.35, RT .041, ET 12.365
L: Doug Woods, Index 14.20, RT .081, ET 14.331

W: Marvin Wolfmeier, Index 12.35, RT .077, ET 12.326
L: Mark Ballard, Index 9.15, Rt .075, ET 9.243

Photos: Jim Kelso Racing Photography

Western New York Super Rod Association Formed

Rochester, NY – Phil Harnden and Jason Oldfield, drag racers with over 60 years of combined racing experience, have announced the formation of the Western New York Super Rod Association (WNYSRA).

The WNYSRA will showcase competition in the International Hot Rod Association’s (IHRA) Super Rod category, one of the longest running sportsman drag racing classes in existence. Super Rod features a wide variety of full-bodied cars and street roadsters which run on a 9.90 second index in the quarter mile. All races are started using a 4-tenths of a second “Pro-Tree”, the same as is used in the Top Fuel and Pro Stock categories.

Phil stated, “Jason and I felt the need to start this series to fill a void for sportsman drag racers in the area. Our racers are very passionate about this type of racing, and we wanted to provide them with the opportunity to compete in a class they enjoy so very much.”

In 2014, the WNYSRA is currently slated to run 8 total events; 6 at Empire Dragway just outside of Rochester, NY, and 2 at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario, Canada. The full schedule:

  • May 31 - Empire Dragway
  • June 28 - Empire Dragway
  • July 12 - Empire Dragway
  • July 26 & 27 - Toronto Motorsports Park
  • August 16 - Empire Dragway
  • September 6 - Empire Dragway
  • October 11 - Empire Dragway

Jason added, “Our primary mission is to provide an outlet for some of the best heads-up, pro-tree drag racing competitors in western New York, southern Ontario, and northwestern Pennsylvania. But, in addition to serving the racers, it is also our goal to provide our sponsors with unprecedented marketing value for their money though exposure at the track, in printed media, and on-line. We’re going to have some extremely exciting announcements coming very soon as we start to introduce our partners for the 2014 racing season.” For info visit www.wnysra.com.

Sponsor News: Conical Valve Springs from COMP Cams®
Expected to become the new standard in high-performance valve spring design, COMP Cams® Conical Valve Springs utilize round wire and feature a diameter-driven and progressive-pitch-driven natural frequency. This design increases the valve train RPM limit while reducing resonance concerns and dynamic spring oscillations. The result is longer spring life and the ability to run more aggressive camshafts.

These valve springs decrease horsepower losses and net more power. The conical design accomplishes damping without wear, heat, friction or risk such as flat dampers from interference contact. A breakthrough in valve spring development, COMP Cams® is the very first to the market with this advanced conical design. COMP Cams® Conical Valve Springs are available individually or in full sets of 16.

For additional information visit www.compcams.com.

Route 66 Raceway Announces 2014 Test And Tune Themes

I thought this was an interesting twist on test & tune, having themed test & tunes...
Joliet, Ill. — Route 66 Raceway announced its 2014 Test & Tune theme schedule, The first theme night takes place on Friday, May 23, with the Memorial Muscle Test & Tune. Featuring All-American muscle cars, it is a perfect way to kick off Memorial Day weekend. A week later, join us for the School’s Out Test & Tune featuring high school racers.

On Friday, June 13, get an early start on Father’s Day weekend in the Dads & ‘Vettes Night Test & Tune. Treat your dad to a trip down the drag strip when Route 66 Raceway also welcomes various Corvette clubs. Don’t miss July’s only theme night, when the Bikes and Babes Test & Tune takes place on Friday, July 25, with bikes both on display and thundering down the drag strip.

Get through the dog days of summer with the Beat the Heat Test & Tune on Friday, August 1. See if you can outrun the police in the quarter-mile without the fear of getting a speeding ticket. On Friday, August 8th the Chevy vs. Ford Test & Tune takes place as two of America’s classic manufacturers square off during the Monster Truck Mayhem weekend at the Route 66 Dirt Oval.

August comes to a close with the Ladies Night Test & Tune, when female racers receive a goody bag and a chance to show off their stuff on the race track. The MOPAR Madness Test & Tune gets underway on Friday, Sept. 5, with a special tribute to the HEMI engine featuring Dodges, Chryslers and Plymouths.

The Latin Night Test & Tune on Friday, Sept. 19, transitions into the Last Blast Test & Tune on Friday, Sept. 26, Route 66 Raceway’s final Test & Tune of the season.

For more information about Route 66 Raceway, visit www.Route66Raceway.com.

For Sale: 1969 Super Pro Camaro
FOR SALE: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

540” big block, Merlin II block, Brodix-2 heads, Crower internals, Lemons headers, Ron's alcohol injection, Turbo 400, Ultimate convertor, 5K stall w/JW trans brake, Ford 9" Strange center section w/4.30 gear, Moser axles, ladder bar suspension, four wheel disc brakes, aluminum radiator, new MSD 7AL3, Weld wheels, weighs approx. 3,000 lbs, all steel except for hood, trunk lid, and windshield, too much too list.

Ran 9.3 at 143 mph w/1.30 60 ft. Serious inquiries only, no trades, asking $24,000. Call Todd 267-897-0159 or email todd_anne@verizon.net.

Editors note: racers, I purchased the Haulmark enclosed trailer that Todd used to transport this car. I couldn't believe how well-maintained the trailer was. It was apparent that it had been very well cared for. I saw the Camaro when I went to pick up the trailer, and it too seemed exceptionally well taken care of.

A Dragtime News Featured Photo: John Seiverling at Numidia Dragway

This is one of the nicest looking door cars I saw at the 2013 NHRA Division 1 Bracket Finals at Numidia Dragway. John Seiverling competes with it in Super ET and was representing Team Maple Grove. (photo by Bob Beucler)

Featured Photo sponsored by

Drag Race Results
Class Racer
Northeast Drag Racing
Yellow Bullet
Long Island Drag Racing
From The Files Of Drag Racer Magazine: The Mouse Trap at CHRR

Thanks to Drag Racer Magazine for sending this cool photo of The Mouse Trap front-engine dragster from a recent California Hot Rod Reunion. I always like sharing what Drag Racer sends in because the photography is first-rate.

Drag Racer Magazine is available at better bookstores and magazines stands or you can subscribe HERE. (Drag Racer Magazine photos: Doug Adama / James Drew / Lou Hart / Pete Ward)

Numidia Dragway’s 2014 Season Packed With Variety (Updated)
Just a couple of changes to Numidia's season: the OK 4WD Mud Bog is now scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd. On Saturday, June 28th there'll be Numidia's fireworks show along with the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Cars.
Numidia Dragway has announced its 2014 schedule, and once again the track is delivering something for every racer.

Fridays see the return of the track’s popular Street Legal Drags, providing a great way to help bring new racers to our sport in a fun and safe environment. Saturdays (and occasional Sundays) are Summit Series ET bracket points. Sundays are Test & Tune. Please check the track’s website and schedule to make sure these events are in effect on the specific day you’re planning to go.

Numidia is known as “The Home Of The Guaranteed Payout,” and the track’s series of 2014 big money races will showcase that. Big money races scheduled include Sunday & Monday, May 25th & 26th ($5,000 Super Pro / $5,000 Footbrake); Friday – Sunday, July 4th – 6th (3rd Annual Superbucks In The Hills); the month of October it will be OctoberBucks (exact schedule to be announced).

Other races include the OK 4WD Mudbog (rescheduled for May 3rd), MANDRA nostalgia drags on Saturday, May 10th, National Dragster Challenge / Jr. Dragster Challenge (Saturday, June 14th), Fireworks Show / Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Cars (Saturday, June 28th), NHRA King Of The Track (Saturday, July 12th), NADM Diesel Nationals (Saturday, July 19th), 4th Annual Racer Appreciation Day (Saturday, August 16th) and NETO nostalgia drags on Saturday, August 23rd.

For more information about Numidia Dragway, visit www.NumidiaDragway.com.

Spring Bracket Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway
Mohnton, Pa. – A new big-money race has been added to Maple Grove Raceway’s 2014 schedule. The Scott’s Transmission Center Spring Bracket Nationals will be Saturday & Sunday, May 3rd & 4th with separate races, the Pep Boys Speed Shop Twin 10s, on each day and the winner taking home $10,000. In the past, The Grove has hosted such races for cars in the Pro and Street E.T. Eliminator classes. What makes this race different is that it welcomes dragsters, cars, motorcycles and sleds from Super and Top Bike eliminators.

While the winner will get the big payday, placing in the race is also lucrative. The runner-up gets $2,000 and semifinalists get $1,000 while round money begins in the third round. Entry is $125 pre-entry, or $150 at the gate. The field will be capped at 256 vehicles and there will be no buybacks. Gates will open at 8 a.m. each day.

There will also be “races within the race” including the Black Arrow Race Engines Top Duck Race on Saturday and Sunday featuring round 1 and 2 losers, along with new entries. Entry is $60 with a $2,000 first prize and the runner-up getting $800 and semifinalists $400. Round money begins in the third round. Safeco Insurance will be sponsoring a Dash for Cash Daily with a $200 top prize and JBM Construction will award the $150 Last Man Standing in each class that isn’t a semifinalist or a finalist.

This weekend gives unmatched opportunities to make some money. There are a limited number of entries available to each class and fields are already beginning to fill, so get your pre-entries in now. For more information, contact Maple Grove Raceway at (610) 856-9200 or visit www.maplegroveraceway.com.

SuperCar Shootout at Lebanon Valley Dragway
West Lebanon, NY - The SuperCar Shootout has announced a series of races at Lebanon Valley Dragway.

The four race series kicks off Saturday April 26th with the SuperCar Battle Of The Brands. Next, on Saturday June 28th it’s the SuperCars @ LVD Now and Then. Then on Saturday October 18th it’s the SuperCar Nationals Warm-Up, followed the next day Sunday October 19th with the 5th Annual SuperCar Nationals.

The SuperCar Shootout is for “Factory Appearing Stock Tire” racing for musclecars from 1955 to 1974. This is heads-up, Pro tree racing on a Sportsman ladder. To see if your musclecar fits in, visit www.SuperCarRaces.com.

6th Annual Door Wars at Maryland International Raceway

The 6th Annual Door Wars doorslammer race is coming up at Maryland International Raceway Friday – Sunday, April 11th – 13th, 2014.

Classes include Pro Mod (1/4 mile, $3,000 Win, $150 entry for non-NEOPA members), Outlaw 10.5 (1/8th mile, $5,000 Win, $200 entry), Outlaw Drag Radial and X275 (each 1/8th mile, each $2,500 Win, each entry $100) and Ultra Street (1/8th mile, $1,000 Win, $100 entry).

There’ll also be ¼ mile, $2,000 Win Modified ET races on Saturday and Sunday. Entry is $66 per day, with 1st and 2nd Round buybacks.

On Friday gates will open at 9:00 am for parking, testing and tech. On Saturday gates open at 8:00 a.m., gates open Sunday at 9:00 am. Visit www.mirdrag.com for more information.

Wrap-Up: American DRAGCAR's Wild Horse Challenge Series Opener
Chandler, AZ - The Kenny Speed’s Tire & Performance Center Wild Horse Challenge Series season opener took place Saturday, March 29th 2014 at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona.

The closest race of the event came in Round 2 when Geanine Ballard used a nice 8 hundredths reaction time advantage to overcome her performance versus index deficit of 9.198 on a re-adjusted 9.15 index and the under-index 12.613 on a 12.65 adjusted index performance of Wayne Thacker and take the win in a 1 thousandth of a second margin of victory drag race.

The semi-final round was a battle of the Ballards as the husband-wife team of Mark and Geanine lined up at the tree in the two fastest cars of the field for a near heads-up race of blown big-block Chevies. Mark took a 1 hundredth reaction time advantage in his Delray and held off the slightly quicker Camaro of Geanine as both racers struggled to hold onto the track in a 9.31 over 9.25 defeat.

The final round proved to be a classic Ford versus Chevy showdown as Jeff Sefranek in the Colt Of Arms Mustang lined up next to the king-sized Delray wagon of Mark Ballard. Sefranek managed a slim reaction time advantage at the tree and as the naturally aspirated small-block powered Ford took over a second and a half handicap down track, the beautiful black blown big block Chevy wagon looked fierce as it put the front wheels in the air to give chase. But in just over 9 seconds, the battle axes were dropped and the win light lit for Mark Ballard as he took the finish line by only 15 thousandths of a second with a tough 9.237 on his 9.25 index while the Colt Of Arms mustered a decent 10.927 on a 10.90 performance.

Mark certainly earned his $400.00 in winnings and the DragSport Annihilator title as he now takes the Wild Horse Challenge Series points lead while also holding a second place standing in the Southwestern Challenge Series. Steven Wing holds second place in the Wild Horse Challenge Series standings by a 1 point advantage over race runner-up Sefranek.

The Rad-A-Tat Tattoo “Best Of” special awards went to Sefranek for his Best Losing Package of .068 in his final round defeat and Daryl Nance will get a $50.00 check from Rad-A-Tat Tattoo for his .032 “Best Reaction Time of Eliminations” first round performance.

The next Wild Horse Challenge Series race will be held at the Pass on April 26th. For more information about the American DRAGCAR series of events, visit www.usdragcar.com.

Super 7 Series at Montgomery MotorSports Park

Montgomery MotorSports Park continues its Super 7 Series on Friday – Sunday, April 11th – 13th, 2014.

Friday’s Super Pro race pays $5,000 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $500 Semis and $250 Quarters. Saturday’s and Sunday’s Super Pro races each pay $10,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis and $500 Quarters. Entries are $150 each, or enter all three races for $300. Buybacks are $50 on Friday and $100 Saturday and Sunday. Payouts based on 100 entries. Two people may drive the same car in a single class, but one driver cannot drive the same car twice.

Saturday’s and Sunday’s Pro Class races each pay $1,750 Win, $500 Runner-Up, $100 Semis and $50 Quarters. Payouts based on 40 entries. Entry is $50 per race, with a $30 buyback.

Gates open Thursday for parking at 4:00 pm. Gates open Friday at 8:00 am with time trials at 10:00 am. Gates open Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am. For more information visit www.MMPDragRacing.com.

Spring Motorcycle Sunday at Little River Dragway
Holland, TX - Little River Dragway presents Spring Motorcycle Sunday All Motorcycle Drags on Sunday, April 13th, 2014.

Classes include Harleys vs. Imports, Top Bike 4.50 Index ($1,500 Win, $300 Runner-Up, Pro tree), Street ET ($100 Win + trophy, $25 entry, full tree, no wheelie bars or electronics), Harley ET ($100 Win + trophy, $20 entry, full tree) and Pro ET ($500 Win, $150 Runner-Up, full tree, electronics and wheelie bars OK). All brands are welcomed.

Gates open at 9:00 am with eliminations at 2:00 pm. For more information visit www.littleriverdragway.com.

Outlaw Rumble Spring Nationals at VMP
Petersburg, VA – The Outlaw Rumble Spring Nationals is coming up on Saturday, April 12th at Virginia Motorsports Park.

Classes include Pro Mod (1/8th mile, $3,000 Win, $1,500 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis, $500 Quarters, entry $100 includes two crewmembers), 4.90 Index (1/8th mile, $2,000 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $350 semis, $100 Quarters, entry $100), Super Pro ($1,400 Win, $400 Runner-Up, entry $51), Pro ET ($800 Win, $300 Runner-Up, entry $36) and Jr. Dragster ($100 Win, $50 Runner-Up, entry $26).

Gates open at 9:00 am. For more information visit www.VirginiaMotorsports.com.

Tech: Don't Fall For The Myths About Oil

Racers, I recently made a big change in my routine: I switched to a different brand of oil. As a racer using a flat tappet camshaft I always knew that oil is critical to lobe life, but the way I went about it was not very good. I had been using a pretty heavy mixture of oil, thinking that heavier is better. My builder raised an interesting scenario when he found some wear attributed to lack of oiling. He said I'm never getting the engine hot enough to really flow the heavy oil that I was running. I then did some research and made the switch to Joe Gibbs Driven racing oil (I went with their organic HR2 10W-30). I then started reading some of the technical articles on their website and wanted to share some of them here.
Don’t Fall For The Myths!
We separate fact from fiction with some of these more common—and harmful—oil myths
By Jeff Huneycutt

We live in a world where more is better. More money in the bank account, more friends in the Facebook account, we even know some people with more tattoos than we care to count. But among all types, horsepower freaks and gearheads may be the worst. When it comes to horsepower more is never enough, even if it means sacrificing durability and drivability.

Continued here...

Tech, Tests & Installs
Brake System Info & FAQs Track Testing ATI's 8" TreeMaster Converter
As racers, we're always looking to go fast, but slowing safely is actually much more important. Additionally, for the footbrakers among us, it's the braking system that holds the car at the starting line as we're way up on the converter. That's why when I saw this technical piece about brake systems on the website of Mark Williams Enterprises, I knew I had to share it here with you. The article continues at the link below, and discusses Pedal Ratio & Master Cylinder, Master Cylinder Selection, Caliper Alignment Clearance and Position, Proportioning Valves, Brake Lines and Fluid, and Troubleshooting.

Continued here...

Misinformation - we’ve all received it or innocently passed it along at one time or another. I’m sure you have your own examples of it. One of mine pertained to torque converters, and ATI helped educate me. Follow the link below to read about my experience.

Continued here...

More Tech, Tests & Installs here.

Product News Bracket Racing 101 Readers' Rides
COMP Cams LSR Series Hydraulic Rollers Keep Your Pace To Win The Race A Flying Connecticut Bowtie

The LSR™ Series from COMP Cams® is a lineup of hydraulic roller camshafts featuring the most advanced lobe designs for all popular GM LS engine (single & three-bolt) applications. Designed specifically for radical street performance and all-out racing applications, these aggressive profiles take full advantage of today's newer and better-flowing aftermarket cathedral and rectangular port LS cylinder heads.

Featuring higher exhaust duration and overall lift, LSR™ Roller Cams are the right choice for engine builders looking for the most advanced designs available in off-the-shelf options. With the broadest powerband and most top-end power of any LS cams ever created, the LSR™ Series will jump start the bragging rights of LS engine owners.

Special features include advanced lobe designs for LS engines, higher exhaust duration & overall lift, broadest powerband of all LS cams on the market, and the most top-end power of any LS cams ever created. For additional information visit www.compcams.com.

This is a reprint of my Bracket Racing 101 column from the March 2012 issue of Drag Racer Magazine (click HERE to subscribe). Now that we're into a new season it seemed like a good time to run it here...

Mark Waterman, of W Suffield CT owns this big yet surprisingly quick 1937 Chevy Coupe. The car is raced around New England at nostalgia events.

Weighing in at 3,200 lbs. and adorned in Patriot Red Pearl paint, the Chevy is powered by a 12:1 BBC by Billy The Kid at Performance Engines Inc. It features a Dart block, Callies crank, Oliver rods, Diamond pistons, Brodix heads, an Edelbrock intake ported by Wilson, an 1150 Holley Dominator carb, Reher-Morrison proprietary grind cam by Erson, MSD ignition and custom headers by Tubular Automotive in Rockland MA.

The drivetrain is completed by a Turbo 400 by Dynamic Racing Trans of North Branford, CT, custom convertor by Ultimate Convertor Concepts in North Carolina and 9 inch rear with all Strange internals and 4.57 gear. It all rides on a chassis done by MPH Fabrication of North Haven, CT, with Bogart wheels and Phoenix tires. Despite the weight and the less-than-aerodynamic shape, the Chevy has run a best ET of 9.76 @ 139 mph.

One day last season I was having a conversation at Englishtown with a fellow bracket racer. The racer had just lost an early round, and I asked how the round went down. “My opponent double-bulbed me, so I rushed to get in. I went red.”

Each racer has their own routine and pacing when at the track. Whether you like to get to the track early and unload with time to spare, or arrive as cars are being called into the lanes, whether you go up to the lanes at the first call or you wait until the last, we all race within our own comfort zones. However...

Continued here...

More Product News here. More Bracket Racing 101 here. More Readers' Rides here.

Dragtime News On Location
26th Annual PRI Show, Indianapolis, IN
We were on location from Wednesday, December 11th, - Saturday, December 14th, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN at the 26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show. Every year we go to the show it's better than the previous year's. The exhibits are only part of it; PRI provides excellent educational seminars and roundtables that arm the attendees with valuable information that will help them have more competitive and successful performance businesses. If you have a performance business and you've never attended the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, you're missing out. In this economy it's more important than ever to take advantage of every resource, and Performance Racing Industry is probably the best single resource you'll find. For more information about Performance Racing Industry, visit www.performanceracing.com.

We already can't wait for the 2014 show, but we're getting ahead of ourselves! Let's get to the coverage of the 2013 show first HERE...

NHRA Auto Plus Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway / October 2013

We were on location at the NHRA Auto Plus Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway held Thursday - Sunday, October 3rd - 6th, 2013. Classes were Stock, Super Stock, Super Gas, Super Comp, Competition Eliminator, Pro Stock Motorcycle, Pro Stock, Funny Car and Top Fuel.

We arrived at the track Friday and were given starting line photo access thanks to NHRA. As a result, I got some really incredible, up-close imagery of Friday's qualifying action. We went back for a full day on Saturday and for most of Sunday.

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NHRA Division 1 Bracket Finals / September 2013

We were on location at the NHRA Division 1 Bracket Finals at Numidia Dragway held Wednesday - Sunday, September 18th - 21st, 2013. Classes were Super Pro, Pro ET, Street and Bikes/Sleds.

I was racing in Pro ET as an alternate for team Raceway Park. I arrived Wednesday just in time to come down with a head and chest cold which knocked me out. As a result, I didn't spend a lot of time shooting photos. Thanks to my friends Steve and Arlene Russell for their hospitality at the track which helped me feel better, and to Arlene for supplying the photos that she shot at the event.

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NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Englishtown / September 2013

We were on location at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park held Friday - Sunday, September 6th - 8th, 2013. Classes were Stock, Super Stock, Super Street, Super Gas, Super Comp, Competition Eliminator, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster.

We arrived at the track Friday after they were done sending cars down the track. We went back for a full day on Saturday.

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