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Dragtime News On Location: NHRA Dodge Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway, September 2017
Mohnton, PA - We were on location at Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA Dodge Nationals held September 2017. We were there on Friday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 24th. We arrived at 9:00 am on Friday and shot close to 2,500 photos until we left on Sunday. Classes include Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle, Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Competition Eliminator, Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp and Super Gas.

PART IV IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the NHRA Dodge Nationals and the photos.

Octoberbucks at Numidia Dragway
Numidia, PA – Numidia Dragway is getting ready to close out its 2017 series of big-money races.

Numidia will close out its 2017 season in big-money style with OctoberBucks in the first three weekends of October with $10K, $5K and $3K gambler races. Check the track's website for the payouts for each class for each weekend.

The $10K races pay $10,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $800 Semis and $100 Round starting with 2nd Round win. Entry is $190; buybacks are $120.

The $5K races pay $5,000 Win, $1,500 Runner-Up, $600 Semis, $300 5th Round Win, $200 4th Round Win, $100 3rd Round Win and $50 2nd Round Win. Entry is $150, buyback is $90.

The $3K races pay $3,000 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $400 Semis and $50 Round starting 2nd Round Win. Entry is $90, buyback is $60.

Payouts are guaranteed. Super Pro ET breaks are 6.50 – 11.99; Footbrake is 8.50 – 15.99. All races are ¼ mile. For more information visit www.numidiadragway.com.

Dragtime News On Location: Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, September 2017
Englishtown, NJ - We were on location at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ for the NHRA Division 1 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, held September 2017. We were there on Friday, September 8th and Saturday, September 9th. We got so many photos the first two days that we had to sit out Sunday just to get caught up. Classes at the event were Stock, Super Stock, Super ...

PART III IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the Etown LODRS and for the photos.

Dragtime News On Location: NHRA D1 Bracket Finals at Numidia Dragway, September 2017
Numidia, PA - We were on location at Numidia Dragway for the NHRA Division 1 Bracket Finals, held September 2017. We were there on Wednesday, September 13th through Saturday, September 16th. I was doing double-duty, racing the Dodge in the #2 spot in Pro ET for Old Bridge Township Raceway Park and trying to photograph when I could. The fact that I took the Dodge...

PART II IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the NHRA D1 Bracket Finals and for the photos.

Door Wars - A Footbrake Experience at Maple Grove Raceway
NHRA Division 1 racer Andy Anderson is presenting an 1/8th-mile footbrake race at Maple Grove Raceway on Friday-Sunday, October 20th-22nd, 2017. Door Wars, A Footbrake Experience is a $5K on Friday, a $10K on Saturday and a $7.5K on Sunday.

Friday's payout is $5,000 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $400 Semis, $250 Quarters, $150 6th round loss, $100 5th round loss and $50 4th round loss. Entry is $100, re-entry is $60.

Saturday's payout is $10,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis, $400 Quarters, $250 6th round loss, $175 5th round loss and $100 4th round loss. Entry is $150, re-entry is $100.

Sunday's payout is $7,500 Win, $1,500 Runner-Up, $750 Semis, $350 Quarters, $200 6th round loss, $140 5th round loss and $80 4th round loss. Entry is $100, re-entry is $60.

All racing in the 1/8th-mile. Entry is limited to 256. All run (no E.T break). Double-entries permitted. Deep staging honored but timely staging is required. No transbrakes, no dragsters, left-hand steer roadsters are OK.

Gates open each day at 8:00 am with time trials at 9:00 am. Email Andy with any questions at leverageracing@gmail.com.

Dragtime News On Location: Mopars@Etown and The Digs, Englishtown NJ, August 27, 2017
Englishtown, NJ - We were on location at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ for the annual Mopars@Etown drag race and car show. The big bracket race at this event is the Mopars vs. The World, so that comprises most of the photos. There were many Englishtown regulars on hand whose primary question all day was "Where's the Dragtime Dodge?" I left it home to focus on the upcoming final points day at the track and also to concentrate on my photography.

The other event was The Digs, a 50s/60s-themed ...

Click HERE for more about the Mopars@Etown and The Digs and for the photos.

Carolina Powerfest 5 Coming Up at Rockingham Dragway
Rockingham, NC - The big, three-day Carolina Powerfest 5 is coming Friday – Sunday, August 25-27, 2017 at Rockingham Dragway. Classes include Top ET, Bottom Bulb and Jr. Dragster.

Top ET pays $5,000 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $500 Semis and $50 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Payouts based on 150 car minimum per day. Entry per day is $100, or buy a 3-race tech card for $200. 1st Round buybacks are $50. Doorcars will be called to the lanes first, before dragsters, for the first three rounds.

Bottom Bulb pays $2,000 Win, $500 Runner-Up, $200 Semis and $25 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Payouts based on 80 car minimum per day. Entry per day is $50, or buy a 3-race tech card for $100. 1st Round buybacks are $25. Footbrake will be called to the lanes first, before no-box, for the first three rounds.

Jr. Dragster pays back 80%, with 40% Win, 20% Runner-Up and 10% Semis. Entry per day is $40.

Payouts are guaranteed from Round Money up to Runner-Up. Double entries are permitted. All races are 1/8 mile. Saturday also features a free Festival of Fun with practice tree races, tire changing contests and mini bicycle races. Saturday night there’s a free Racer Appreciation BBQ & Brew.

Gates open Thursday from 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm for parking. Gates open Friday and Saturday at 8:00 with a time trial at 9:00 am. Gates open Sunday at 8:30 with a time trial for new car & driver only.

For more information visit www.rockinghamdragway.com.

Super Saturday at Milan Dragway
Milan, MI – Milan Dragway presents Super Saturday on August 19, 2017.

Classes include Sportsman (11.50 & slower, door cars only, no t-brakes or 2-steps. Entry $25, BB $10), Truck/Van/SUV (11.50 & slower, trucks/vans/SUVs only, no t-brakes or 2-steps. Entry $25, BB $10), Street Bike (no slicks, no wheelie bars, no delay boxes. Entry $20), Pit Vehicle (ATVs, Rzrs, UTVs, mopeds, golf carts. Long pants and closed-toe shoes required. Helmet as directed by tech. 1/8 mile. Entry $15), Mini Bike (1/8 mile, helmet gloves, long pants, leather jacket, boots. All run. Entry $20) and Young Guns (permits up to 23 y.o. 11.50 & slower, no t-brakes or 2-steps. Permit drivers: 14:00 and slower and must have parent in the car. Entry $15).

Also featured will be the Great Lakes Gassers. Gates open at 2:00 pm with time trials at 3:00 pm. Visit Milan Dragway at http://milandragway.com.

Sponsor News: Save Weight with ATI's New Clutch Drum Kits
ATI Performance Products is proud to introduce their brand new OEM replacement clutch drum assembly for the GM Powerglide transmission. Made with superior modern material, the ATI drum assembly is 7 tenths of a pound lighter than the hard-to-find OEM unit, accepts the stock piston and accepts 5-7 clutches easily. Because it’s from ATI, you can trust the quality of these drums are second to none.

Part number 207015, which comes complete with a teflon bushing and check ball, is on the shelf and ready for shipment today.

ATI Performance Products, Inc. is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions.

For more information about ATI Performance Products, visit www.atiracing.com.

Sponsor News: S&W’s Wheelie Bar Line Expands
Spring City, PA – S&W’s new economical and versatile Tubular Wheelie Bar Kit has been released. As with all S&W Do-It-Yourself kits, the new wheelie bar kit is shipped complete with all components, a pair of wheels and hardware. This is a universal product, engineered for both new builds and for trouble free upgrades. The pre-cut pieces of chrome moly tubing are long enough to produce an 85” long x 28” wide wheelie bar. The tubing lengths can be shortened, by the customer; to achieve their desired overall assembled length and width. 1/2” FK Chrome Moly Rod Ends are supplied for use on all attachment points, allowing for use of most pre-existing mounting set-ups. For making quick adjustments, the upper tubes feature right and left hand rod ends. The kit also features double shear universal mounting tabs, to fit many applications. The wheel brackets are pre-welded. All other tubes to be cut, fit and welded by the customer. Optional: Billet wheelie bar wheels available for additional fee.

o 1-1/4” diam. X .065” wall X 85” long Chrome Moly Upper & Lower Strut Tubes
o 1-1/8” diam. X 058” wall Chrome Moly Crossmember & X-Member Tubes

“Our team has been methodically scrutinizing every product category; discussing ways to improve upon existing products and/or identify the need for new product development. Our wheelie bar selection is extensive, but there was a need for this kit and we have successfully addressed it,” said S&W’s President, Michael Weney.

P/N 40-384U
Introductory Price $493.95

For additional information and detailed specifications, please call Toll Free 1-800-532-3353 and/or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

Quickest Side-by-Side Run in History Recorded at IDBL’s WPGC Bike Fest
MECHANICSVILLE, Md. - The International Drag Bike League's premier event, the WPGC Bike Fest, lived up to its year-long hype with multiple record-setting performances. Thousands of racers, riders and fans packed Maryland International Raceway to produce one of the biggest motorcycle drag races in the history of the sport.

On Saturday evening, APE and Pingel Top Fuel superstars Larry "Spiderman" McBride and Dave Vantine treated fans to something unforgettable. The duo produced the quickest side-by-side run in the history of the sport with McBride clocking a jaw-dropping ...

See the full article here...

Sponsor News: Diapers and Ballistic Blankets from Stroud Safety
Many tracks now require diapers and ballistic blankets on competitors' vehicles. The Stroud Safety Engine Diaper is available in either the SFI 7.1 Kevlar style or the 7.2 Ballistic Nylon Sportsman style.

Super absorbent and replaceable pads dramatically reduce the amount of fluid spillage that results from engine failure.

The ballistic protection provided will also contain projectile debris that could also cause injury to drivers, crew, and spectators. Stroud has diapers for all engine and oil pan combinations and all types of cars. Custom applications are welcome and Stroud re-certifies all of their SFI rated products.

Visit www.stroudsafety.com for more information.

Basics of Proper Trailer Towing
Racers, we all log a lot of miles transporting ourselves and our cars to the dragstrip on a weekly basis. This is no small task but many of us take it for granted. Think about it: we’re not only driving a vehicle, but that vehicle is towing another vehicle that’s carrying yet another vehicle. Then think about how many knucklehead drivers we encounter on a daily basis when we’re driving our regular cars. It’s bad enough having to take evasive action when driving a daily driver. It’s even worse when we’re driving a loaded trailer. Having a properly equipped and loaded trailer won’t prevent any encounters with knucklehead drivers, but it can change the outcome from being catastrophic to being a minor annoyance. Proper towing means having the right equipment, knowing how to load and employing safe ...

See the full article here...

Maple Grove Raceway Joins NHRA Driver Tommy Johnson, Jr. and Make-A-Wish
MOHNTON, Pa. - Maple Grove Raceway is teaming up with Tommy Johnson, Jr., NHRA driver of the Don Schumacher Racing Make-A-Wish Dodge Funny Car to make local children’s dreams come true. Every year the organization raises money to grant the wishes of children diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition. A wish is granted every 34 minutes. However, it takes $10,000 in order to grant just one wish. Literally a wish can be a game changer in a child’s life.

This year between August 16th, 2017 and September 1st, 2017, Maple Grove Raceway will donate ten dollars from every adult ticket sold to the Dodge NHRA Nationals, which will be held September 21-24, 2017 to Make-A-Wish. All dollars raised during this promotion go to the Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Over the years Maple Grove Raceway has donated thousands of dollars annually to the Make-A-Wish program through this promotion. Being a partner in the Make-A-Wish program is just one small way Maple Grove Raceway is giving back to the local community it serves. Last year alone, Maple Grove Raceway raised $10,000 for Make-A-Wish during this promotion. With support from fans and the local media, Maple Grove Raceway is striving to exceed last year’s goal by a few thousand dollars.

For more information about Maple Grove Raceway, visit www.maplegroveraceway.com.

Dragtime News On Location
Tech, Tests & Installs Bracket Racing 101
Visit the Tech, Tests & Installs main page. Visit the Bracket Racing 101 main page.
Sponsor Spotlights
PROFORM® Parts Moroso Performance Products ATI Performance Products

PROFORM® Parts is a manufacturer of creative products from innovative concepts; Proform’s goal is to provide their customers with high-quality products at affordable prices - thus delivering maximum value.

With more than 25 years in the high-performance aftermarket, the PROFORM® line was the first to popularize affordable and 100% new (not rebuilt) starters, alternators, stock harmonic balancers and distributors; the first to offer the 2-piece timing chain cover, the 2-stage in-line fuel filter, HEI distributor tune-up kits, and direct-replacement carburetor main bodies; the holder of the patent rights to elegant, corrosion resistant ...

Continue to PROFORM's Spotlight.

Moroso Performance Products manufactures over 4,000 products, from oil pans and oiling systems, to ignition wire, ignition components, valve covers, fuel system equipment, air cleaners, hard-core racing tools, chassis and suspension equipment and many other performance parts. The company has an impressive list of customers from grass-roots racers to top level NASCAR® and NHRA/IHRA race teams.

The Connecticut-based manufacturing operation is home to Moroso Performance Products and Competition Engineering - The Chassis People. The company also owns Moroso Wire Technologies ...

Continue to Moroso's Spotlight.

ATI Performance Products is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 50 years.

The company specializes in racing transmissions, torque converters, engine dampers and the internal parts for each. ATI races what they sell so you can be sure what you’re buying has already been race proven. Everything they make is manufactured under the roof of their 30,000+ sq/ft facility located in Baltimore Maryland.

Continue to ATI's Spotlight.

Jiffy-tite Stroud Safety Meziere Enterprises

Jiffy-tite Inc. is an OEM supplier of fluid connection systems for the automotive industry and is the OEM's choice for plumbing connections on brands all over the world. There are over 300 million Jiffy-tite devices in service in vehicles worldwide including Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Harley Davidson, Caterpillar and more.

Jiffy-tite's Motorsports' product line includes a unique line of Quick-Connect / Quick-Disconnect Fluid Fittings.

Continue to Jiffy-tite's Spotlight.

Stroud Safety started with one product, the drag chute, and now manufacturers over 150 products with new products introduced annually. Almost every type of racing all over the world uses Stroud Safety products.

Stroud Safety also supplies fire suppression systems and manufactures an extensive line of fire suits, personal restraint systems, window netting, and general racing and shop accessories. Custom design is a specialty at Stroud. With a wide range of color options and on-site design and engineering, most products can be configured to meet specific needs of the customer. Where applicable, all Stroud products are SFI certified with re-certification available for required intervals.

Continue to Stroud Safety's Spotlight.

Meziere Enterprises is a family owned and operated company that specializes in cooling systems & accessories, flexplates & accessories, starters & accessories and chassis components & accessories.

For 27 years Meziere’s goal has been to provide its customers with the very best products they can produce. That starts with designs aimed at solving problems common to the performance vehicles and their demanding parameters. It is executed by the company’s wide array of machining and manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail. It is supported by outstanding tech and customer service.

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Mark Williams Enterprises Powermaster Performance  

It was fifty years ago in 1964 when Denver racer Mark Williams decided to quit his machinist job at John Bandimere, Sr’s speed emporium and go into business for himself building race cars. In the ensuing years Mark Williams Enterprises became the “go to” shop for High Country racers. In addition to the fuel dragster he campaigned with the late Bill Rice, racers like the Kaiser Bros., John Abbott, Vern Moats, Vern & Brian Raymer and Motes & Williams demonstrated the prowess of M-W’s chassis'. The word spread, and soon racers like “Ohio George” Montgomery and Florida’s Jerry Gwynn were winning NHRA events with Mark Williams’ chassis. Williams himself won the Division V Top Fuel Championship when partnered with Larry Frazier. \

Continue to Mark Williams' Spotlight.

Powermaster Performance Starters & Alternators has been manufacturing new starters and alternators in their 145,000 sq. ft. facility since 1981. Powermaster Performance builds a wide range of starters, alternators, and Powergens for all types of domestic vehicles. With adjustable voltage alternators weighing less than 6 pounds all the way up to diesel truck starters and high amp alternators to make sure the race car gets to the track!

Continue to Powermaster's Spotlight.

Club Scene
Club Scene is a spotlight of some of the great racing clubs and organizations across the country. If you have a car that fits into their requirements then check them out. Although these groups are comprised of very serious and hard-core racers, the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

If you're involved with a racing group or club and would like to have it listed here, send an email to info@dragtimenews.com with your inquiry and put "Club Scene" in the subject line.

Who: Mid Atlantic Super Comp Assn.

What: for NHRA 8.90 Super Comp / IHRA 8.90 Quick Rod

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Rob Keister, Rekeister@aol.com / midatlantic90.com

Who: Mid Atlantic Super Gas Assn.

What: for NHRA 9.90 Super Gas / IHRA 9.90 Super Rod

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Rob Keister, Rekeister@aol.com / midatlantic90.com

Who: Mid Atlantic Super Street Assn.

What: for NHRA 10.90 Super Street / IHRA 10.90 Hot Rod

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Rob Keister, Rekeister@aol.com / midatlantic90.com

Who: East Coast Stock/Super Stock Assn.

What: for NHRA and IHRA-legal Stockers and Super Stockers

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Dave Ley, dleyracing@aol.com / www.eastcoaststocksuperstock.com.

Who: The American DRAGCAR Series

What: American DRAGCAR incorporates a variety of formats which provide racers with all-out, no-breakout drag racing that remains fair for all participants while also providing spectators with an easily understood drag racing show.

Where: Arizona

Contact: www.usdragcar.com.

Who: North East Timing Organization

What: For 1979 and older cars, front engine dragsters, funny cars, altereds, gassers, super stocks and stockers in two classes: Nostalgia (10.00 and slower any dial-in, .500 full tree) and Competition (9.80 and quicker dial in .1 second increments, handicapped .400 Pro tree).

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: www.neto-nostalgia.com

Drag Race Results

Class Racer

Yellow Bullet

Long Island Drag Racing


Rocky Mountain Superchargers Mid-Season Recap
Heading into the final stretch of the 2017 racing season, Rocky Mountain Superchargers (RMS) drivers will have a lot of Kansas – and a bit of Montana and Missouri – on their minds.

Although RMS, founded and shepherded by Ed Arcuri, III, and run under the watchful eye of Competition Director Ron Burge, has always been based in Colorado, its racers also come from 10 other states. Other than the Centennial State, they hail mostly from ...

See the full article here...

Racing Into Fall
This is a reprint of my Bracket Racing 101 column from Drag Racer Magazine. Even though a lot of this info is simple common sense, perhaps some of you never thought of it. Now that we're into the autumn months it seemed like a good time to run it here...
Bracket racing constantly changes from season to season. Cars and drivers perform differently in Summer and Fall. Now that we’re getting into the Autumn months, let’s take a look at some of the ways to adjust for racing in the Fall.

Article continues HERE...

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In addition to publishing The Dragtime News I've been hard at work designing new t-shirts, and I think I came up with a winner. They turned out great, and new for 2014 are women's sizes. These are high-quality, 100% cotton black t-shirts. The men's are Gildan and the women's are Hanes.

All quantities are extremely limited. Men's sizes are M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL; women's sizes are M, L and XL. More info is on the T-Shirts page.

Twitter: @DragtimeNews.

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