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Dragtime News On Location: NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Numidia Dragway, June 2018
Numidia, PA - We were on location at Numidia Dragway for the NHRA Division 1 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series held June, 2018. We were there on Saturday, June 16, arriving at 8:30 am and shooting close to 2,100 photos until leaving at 4:00 pm, after Round 1 of most classes. Classes include Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Competition Eliminator, Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas and Super Street.

PART I IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the NHRA D1 LODRS at Numidia and the photos.

Dragtime News On Location: NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Maple Grove Raceway, May 2018
Mohnton, PA - We were on location at Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA Division 1 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series held May, 2018. We were there on Saturday, May 26, arriving at 8:00 am and shooting close to 1,400 photos until leaving at 6:00 pm, after Round 1 of Top Alcohol Dragster and Funny Car.

Classes include Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Pro Stock Snowmobile, Competition Eliminator, Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas and Super Street.

PART III IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the NHRA D1 LODRS at Maple Grove and the photos.

Spotlight on American DRAGCAR Series
How many times have you heard somebody proclaim that drag racing needs to be fixed? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Surprisingly enough, even though those cries can still be heard on a weekly basis, drag racing has been fixed; it’s just that very few people have yet to realize this to be true.

If you’re an Arizona drag racer, you’ve undoubtedly heard of American DRAGCAR. But unless you are a DRAGCAR racer, you likely don’t know all that there is to know about this one of a kind organization. Even after 6 years of statewide competition, there still are racers asking what it is and how it works. Unfortunately, the complexity of the rules when you start to read into them tends to scare today’s racers off into the bracket lanes but the actual goal of DRAGCAR is to revive the original “first one there wins” concept while opening up the competition to...

See the full article here...

Three Races in Two Days at Gulfport Dragway
Gulfport, MS – Gulfport Dragway has a big weekend coming up on Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Friday night it’s TGIF 1,000 Ft. Brackets. This is the third points race of this eight-race series for Electronics and Footbrake classes. The payouts and entries are the same for both: $400 Win, $100 Runner-Up, $35 entry. Gates open at 6:00 pm, open time trials until eliminations at 9:00 pm.

Then it’s Double Hitter Saturday with two races and two payouts for Electronics and Footbrake classes. The payouts and entries are the same for both classes: $1,000 Win, $300 Runner-Up, $100 Semis, and $40 Quarters. Entry is $40 and 1st Round buybacks are $20. Races are 1/8th mile.

Race #1 time trials at 9:00 am with two sessions and eliminations following. Race #2 time trial with a single session at 4:00 pm and eliminations following.

There’s also a Jr. Dragster race during Race #1 that pays $150 Win, $60 Runner-Up, $40 Semis and $20 Quarters. Entry is $20 and 1st Round buybacks are $10.

For more information visit www.GulfportDragway.com.

Team Fischle Takes Runner-Up Finish at Fontana in K&N 8.90 Series
Fontana, CA - Autoclub Dragway would play host to rounds 3 and 4 of the K&N 8.90 Series series and the Team Fischle duo of Matt and Brian Fischle came into the weekend looking to build on a solid but unfulfilling first two rounds. Their weekend would start off on the wrong foot as neither driver had the day they were looking for.

Matt began day one with a promising opening round win where he was able to run within three-thousandths of a second of his dial-in time. However, his day would come to an end three rounds later and he would have to settle for a quarter-final finish. Brian would fare no better, battling starter issues all day and needing a pre-race thrash to make repairs before suffering a rare ...

See the full article here...

Wrap-Up: Mid Atlantic .90 Association Season Opener, Atco Dragway, 4/28/2018
Atco, NJ - The Mid Atlantic .90 Association kicked off its 2018 season at Atco Dragway on Saturday April 28th, 2018. An action-packed day of racing and blue skies greeted racers for Race # 1 of the 10 race series.

The Super Comp final featured Maryland's Randy Winfelder Jr. and Pennsylvania's Kevin Scholl. At...

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Wrap-Up: E.T. Bracket Racing at Gateway Motorsports Park, 4/28/2018
April 28, 2018, St. Louis Region – Scott Cook of Festus, Missouri won the Super Pro finale in the Carl’s 4WD Bracket Series meet held today at Gateway Motorsports Park’s NHRA-sanctioned Dragplex in Madison, Illinois. Cook defeated Jon Tignor of Hillsboro, Missouri with an .004 sec. reaction time on a 4.827 sec./136.07 mph run to his opponent’s .033 6.158 sec./108.25 in the ...

See the full article here...

Wrap-Up: IHRA Summit Spectacular at State Capitol Raceway, 4/21/2018 - 4/22/2018
PORT ALLEN, La. — Perry Comeaux and Brian Hughes made history as the first winners of the new International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit Sportsman Spectacular races at State Capitol Raceway.

Comeaux from Praireville, La., was the winner of ...

See the full article here...

Southern Outlaw Tour Season Opener at Montgomery Raceway Park
Montgomery, AL - The 2018 Southern Outlaw Tour kicks off the weekend of Friday – Saturday, April 27-28 at Montgomery Raceway Park. Classes include Southern Outlaw Tour Pro Mods, Super Pro, Outlaw Bottom Bulb, 5.0/6.0/7.0 Index and Jr. Dragster.

Southern Outlaw Tour Pro Mod pays $3,000 Win, $1,500 Runner-Up, $750 Semis and $500 Quarters. Entry is free plus two crew. 8 car open field.

Super Pro pays $5,000 Win. Entry fee is $100, 1st-round buybacks are $50. Payout based on 50 car minimum. Outlaw Bottom Bulb pays $1,000 Win. Entry fee is $40, 1st-round buybacks are $25. Payout based on 25 car minimum.

Index classes each pay $2,000 Win, $300 Runner-Up, $100 Semis and $50 Quarters. Entry is $100, payouts based on 20 car minimum.

Jr. Dragster pays $500 Win, $100 Runner-Up and $50 Semis. Entry is $40, 1st-round buybacks are $20.

Gates open Friday at 4:00 pm with a test & tune from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm and 1st round of qualifying for all classes at 8:00 pm. Gates open Saturday at 9:00 am with open time runs at 1:30 pm, qualifying at 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm and eliminations at 7:00 pm.

For more information visit www.montgomeryracewaypark.com.

Basics of Proper Trailer Towing
Racers, we all log a lot of miles transporting ourselves and our cars to the dragstrip on a weekly basis. This is no small task but many of us take it for granted. Think about it: we’re not only driving a vehicle, but that vehicle is towing another vehicle that’s carrying yet another vehicle. Then think about how many knucklehead drivers we encounter on a daily basis when we’re driving our regular cars. It’s bad enough having to take evasive action when driving a daily driver. It’s even worse when we’re driving a loaded trailer. Having a properly equipped and loaded trailer won’t prevent any encounters with knucklehead drivers, but it can change the outcome from being catastrophic to being a minor annoyance. Proper towing means having the right equipment, knowing how to load and employing safe ...

See the full article here...

Dragtime News On Location
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Sponsor Spotlights
PROFORM® Parts Moroso Performance Products ATI Performance Products

PROFORM® Parts is a manufacturer of creative products from innovative concepts; Proform’s goal is to provide their customers with high-quality products at affordable prices - thus delivering maximum value.

With more than 25 years in the high-performance aftermarket, the PROFORM® line was the first to popularize affordable and 100% new (not rebuilt) starters, alternators, stock harmonic balancers and distributors; the first to offer the 2-piece timing chain cover, the 2-stage in-line fuel filter, HEI distributor tune-up kits, and direct-replacement carburetor main bodies; the holder of the patent rights to elegant, corrosion resistant ...

Continue to PROFORM's Spotlight.

Moroso Performance Products manufactures over 4,000 products, from oil pans and oiling systems, to ignition wire, ignition components, valve covers, fuel system equipment, air cleaners, hard-core racing tools, chassis and suspension equipment and many other performance parts. The company has an impressive list of customers from grass-roots racers to top level NASCAR® and NHRA/IHRA race teams.

The Connecticut-based manufacturing operation is home to Moroso Performance Products and Competition Engineering - The Chassis People. The company also owns Moroso Wire Technologies ...

Continue to Moroso's Spotlight.

ATI Performance Products is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 50 years.

The company specializes in racing transmissions, torque converters, engine dampers and the internal parts for each. ATI races what they sell so you can be sure what you’re buying has already been race proven. Everything they make is manufactured under the roof of their 30,000+ sq/ft facility located in Baltimore Maryland.

Continue to ATI's Spotlight.

Jiffy-tite Stroud Safety Meziere Enterprises

Jiffy-tite Inc. is an OEM supplier of fluid connection systems for the automotive industry and is the OEM's choice for plumbing connections on brands all over the world. There are over 300 million Jiffy-tite devices in service in vehicles worldwide including Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Harley Davidson, Caterpillar and more.

Jiffy-tite's Motorsports' product line includes a unique line of Quick-Connect / Quick-Disconnect Fluid Fittings.

Continue to Jiffy-tite's Spotlight.

Stroud Safety started with one product, the drag chute, and now manufacturers over 150 products with new products introduced annually. Almost every type of racing all over the world uses Stroud Safety products.

Stroud Safety also supplies fire suppression systems and manufactures an extensive line of fire suits, personal restraint systems, window netting, and general racing and shop accessories. Custom design is a specialty at Stroud. With a wide range of color options and on-site design and engineering, most products can be configured to meet specific needs of the customer. Where applicable, all Stroud products are SFI certified with re-certification available for required intervals.

Continue to Stroud Safety's Spotlight.

Meziere Enterprises is a family owned and operated company that specializes in cooling systems & accessories, flexplates & accessories, starters & accessories and chassis components & accessories.

For 27 years Meziere’s goal has been to provide its customers with the very best products they can produce. That starts with designs aimed at solving problems common to the performance vehicles and their demanding parameters. It is executed by the company’s wide array of machining and manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail. It is supported by outstanding tech and customer service.

Continue to Meziere's Spotlight.

Mark Williams Enterprises Powermaster Performance  

It was fifty years ago in 1964 when Denver racer Mark Williams decided to quit his machinist job at John Bandimere, Sr’s speed emporium and go into business for himself building race cars. In the ensuing years Mark Williams Enterprises became the “go to” shop for High Country racers. In addition to the fuel dragster he campaigned with the late Bill Rice, racers like the Kaiser Bros., John Abbott, Vern Moats, Vern & Brian Raymer and Motes & Williams demonstrated the prowess of M-W’s chassis'. The word spread, and soon racers like “Ohio George” Montgomery and Florida’s Jerry Gwynn were winning NHRA events with Mark Williams’ chassis. Williams himself won the Division V Top Fuel Championship when partnered with Larry Frazier. \

Continue to Mark Williams' Spotlight.

Powermaster Performance Starters & Alternators has been manufacturing new starters and alternators in their 145,000 sq. ft. facility since 1981. Powermaster Performance builds a wide range of starters, alternators, and Powergens for all types of domestic vehicles. With adjustable voltage alternators weighing less than 6 pounds all the way up to diesel truck starters and high amp alternators to make sure the race car gets to the track!

Continue to Powermaster's Spotlight.

Club Scene
Club Scene is a spotlight of some of the great racing clubs and organizations across the country. If you have a car that fits into their requirements then check them out. Although these groups are comprised of very serious and hard-core racers, the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

If you're involved with a racing group or club and would like to have it listed here, send an email to info@dragtimenews.com with your inquiry and put "Club Scene" in the subject line.

Who: Mid Atlantic Super Comp Assn.

What: for NHRA 8.90 Super Comp / IHRA 8.90 Quick Rod

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Rob Keister, Rekeister@aol.com / midatlantic90.com

Who: Mid Atlantic Super Gas Assn.

What: for NHRA 9.90 Super Gas / IHRA 9.90 Super Rod

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Rob Keister, Rekeister@aol.com / midatlantic90.com

Who: Mid Atlantic Super Street Assn.

What: for NHRA 10.90 Super Street / IHRA 10.90 Hot Rod

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Rob Keister, Rekeister@aol.com / midatlantic90.com

Who: East Coast Stock/Super Stock Assn.

What: for NHRA and IHRA-legal Stockers and Super Stockers

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: Dave Ley, dleyracing@aol.com / www.eastcoaststocksuperstock.com.

Who: The American DRAGCAR Series

What: American DRAGCAR incorporates a variety of formats which provide racers with all-out, no-breakout drag racing that remains fair for all participants while also providing spectators with an easily understood drag racing show.

Where: Arizona

Contact: www.usdragcar.com.

Who: North East Timing Organization

What: For 1979 and older cars, front engine dragsters, funny cars, altereds, gassers, super stocks and stockers in two classes: Nostalgia (10.00 and slower any dial-in, .500 full tree) and Competition (9.80 and quicker dial in .1 second increments, handicapped .400 Pro tree).

Where: Northeast / mid-Atlantic

Contact: www.neto-nostalgia.com

Drag Race Results

Class Racer

Yellow Bullet

Long Island Drag Racing


Sponsor News: Improved Bantam Body Available at S&W Race Cars
Spring City, PA – The nearly flawless fiberglass Bantam body is now available at S&W Race Cars . It has been made to S&W’s specifications, by Riggeal’s Performance Fiberglass and Composites, for painless mounting to your Altered chassis. The improved body includes extended body lips, which will provide a smoother edge when fitting the body. Also, the black gel coat is so smooth; you can run it without paint. The Bantam’s superior finish is the result of the new and well crafted mold. Other features include; a raised windscreen area, aerodynamic steering rod cover and integral parachute mount. The promotional video with 360 degree views can be viewed on S&W’s website, social pages and YouTube Channel. Call for pricing

For additional information and detailed specifications, please call Toll Free 1-800-532-3353 or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

Dragtime News On Location: 30th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, December 2017
We were on location at the 30th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, held December 7th - 9th, 2017 in Indianapolis, IN, and it was bigger than ever. Performance Racing Industry does a great job every year, with seminars and conferences to help you grow your performance business, lots of networking opportunities, and tons of racing products on the show floor.

So sit back and take your time with the coverage. There's a lot of great info in here about companies whose products you just might be needing as you get ready for the coming season. More information about The PRI Show and coverage is HERE.

Bracket Racing 101: Just The Basics
This is a reprint of my Bracket Racing 101 column from Drag Racer Magazine. Being that it's currently mid-winter and the topic of the column was basic off-season maintenance, it seemed like a good time to run it here...
As you’re reading this it’s the winter leading up to another racing season. This is when some basic maintenance can pay big dividends to your bracket program. In my last column, one of the main points I discussed was the importance of consistency and parts longevity as being part of a successful bracket car: consistency because it goes hand-in-hand with predictability, a primary factor in winning races, and longevity because broken race cars are not typically effective tools for going rounds.

Article continues HERE...

Dragtime News On Location: NHRA Dodge Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway, September 2017
Mohnton, PA - We were on location at Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA Dodge Nationals held September 2017. We were there on Friday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 24th. We arrived at 9:00 am on Friday and shot close to 2,500 photos until we left on Sunday. Classes include Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle, Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Competition Eliminator, Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp and Super Gas.

PART IV IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the NHRA Dodge Nationals and the photos.

Dragtime News On Location: Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, September 2017
Englishtown, NJ - We were on location at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ for the NHRA Division 1 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, held September 2017. We were there on Friday, September 8th and Saturday, September 9th. We got so many photos the first two days that we had to sit out Sunday just to get caught up. Classes at the event were Stock, Super Stock, Super ...

PART III IS NOW UP! Click HERE for more about the Etown LODRS and for the photos.

New Design Dragtime News T-Shirts
In addition to publishing The Dragtime News I've been hard at work designing new t-shirts, and I think I came up with a winner. They turned out great, and new for 2014 are women's sizes. These are high-quality, 100% cotton black t-shirts. The men's are Gildan and the women's are Hanes.

All quantities are extremely limited. Men's sizes are M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL; women's sizes are M, L and XL. More info is on the T-Shirts page.


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