NHRA Divisional at Englishtown, September 2011

Wayne Morris and Fred Tigges both strapped in and waiting patiently for the bodies to come down
Wayne Morris backing up slowly and going forward quickly
There is no more identifiable and feared Sportsman car than Phil Monteith's Hatari Firebird as driven by Peter Biondo
Stock racer Ron Infantino uses only the latest NHRA-approved cleaning products to keep his Camaro spotless
I was going to call the authorities on Top Alcohol Dragster racer Dave DeAngelis for cruelty to rubber chickens until I saw it was SFI approved
The B/AD of Ken Winward from Wilmington DE during Saturday qualifying
Dave DeAngelis launches the rubber chicken. The chicken gets him back by pulling the chutes before the stripe.
Jackie Fricke

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Photos & Videos: Bob Beucler & Stephanie Youngman
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