27th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2015
Lunati was displaying their Bootlegger line of cams. Bootlegger cams build on the popular Voodoo® Series but feature faster opening rates, a controlled closing and far more area under the lift curve. Visit www.lunatipower.com.
Mark Williams Enterprises
Mark Williams Enterprises manufactures a full range of racing axles, spools, steel, aluminum or carbon fiber driveshafts and disc brake kits, chassis and driveline components as well as these massive 11" modular housings (lower left). In the video, Travis talks about their modular 9" housing made of aircraft-quality aluminum and can handle 9", 9 1/2" or 10" gears. Visit www.markwilliams.com.
Trailer Tires & Wheels
Trailer Tire & Wheels is a resource for your aluminum and steel trailer wheels, radial and bias trailer tires, and trailer parts and accessories. In the video, Scott shows us their new 235/80R-16 14-ply all-steel tire, and they also have everything for doing the 17.5" wheel conversion. Visit them at www.trailertiresandwheels.com.
MS Racing Components
MS Racing Components was showing their line of tools that allows easy piston to valve clearance measurements on late model engines utilizing variable valve timing (VVT) technology. VVT cam gear phasers are computer controlled using pressurized engine oil. Without oil pressure, the VVT cam gear phaser is locked advanced making piston to valve clearance measurements in the full cam retard position impossible. The VVT Unlocker solves that problem, as demonstrated by Mike Scano in the video. Visit www.msracingcomponents.com.
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