2016 PRI Show Spotlight: Powermaster Performance
The booth for Powermaster Performance had a lot going on, including many new products and an appearance by one of the fastest people on the planet.

Powermaster Performance Starters & Alternators, located in West Chicago, IL has been manufacturing new starters and alternators in their 145,000 sq. ft. facility since 1981. Powermaster Performance builds a wide range of starters, alternators, and Powergens for all types of domestic vehicles. With adjustable voltage alternators weighing less than 6 pounds all the way up to diesel truck starters and high amp alternators to make sure the race car gets to the track! Powermaster is proud to work with racers to develop starters and alternators that suit specific needs. One example is their Ultra Torque High Speed starter, designed for alcohol or magneto engines. The Ultra Torque High Speed spins up to 25% faster with 200ft lbs of torque for engines up to 15:1 compression.

For more information visit powermasterperformance.com.

Some trick new billet mounting brackets including LSX (#861), small-block Chevy with long water pump (#886) and LS1 low mount (#860).

New starters for Ford Y-block (#9002) and for Buick Nailhead (#9501).

A whole host of new diesel starters for Chevy, Ford and Mopar/Cummins.

Powermaster engineer Dave McIlvaine and land speed record-holder Danny Thompson. Danny and his team needed starters with more cranking speed than they were using so Dave and Powermaster developed the starters that were used on the record run at Bonneville.

A photo of Danny Thompson's Challenger 2

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