2016 PRI Show Spotlight: Stroud Safety
Stroud Safety started with one product—drag chutes—and now manufacturers more than 150 products. New products are introduced annually from Stroud. Some of the products on display were racers gloves in a variety of colors, SFI drivers suits and the new Stroud helmets (I'll be ordering one in black this month for myself).

So who is Bob Stroud and why should you let him and his products keep you safe? That's the man himself in the third photo down. Bob Stroud best uses his engineering degree from Oklahoma State University in designing chutes and safety systems. These designs are actively used in safety applications from cars to boats to rockets to aircraft and more. He has over 1,000 parachute jumps (many testing his own products), spent 7 years in the Army Special Forces and is an examiner for the FAA.

To see all of their safety products visit www.stroudsafety.com. They also have a great Youtube channel HERE that has great how-to videos for racers.

Stroud Safety always brings a large assortment of its safety gear to PRI.

Stroud's Premium Stripes Driving Gloves (#1100) feature outstanding feel and the finest construction for long-lasting performance. Available in red, black and blue. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Bob Stroud with one of his Standard Fire Suits (#s 800, 801 and 803). Stroud Safety has a variety of suits for the racer, from the single layer SFI approved 32A-1 to the multi layer 32A-20. All Stroud suits feature Nomex cuffs and are sewn with Nomex thread for increased protection and reinforced with nylon thread for strength and durability. These suits come in black, red or blue, with white arm stripes and white leg stripes.

Getting measured for the perfect fit!

Stroud Custom Fire Suits start with your ideas. Almost any design can be turned into the suit you want.

Stylish and functional support for women racers.

Stroud helmets (#815) feature flow-through venting, aero-stabilization, and plush interior. Snell SA2015 rating. The Nomex headsock (#820) provides protection for the head and neck. One size fits all. Available in two and one hole.

Stroud Safety also has a variety of accessory items for drag chute and fire systems.

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