Auto Plus Raceway Kicks Off 2015 With A Win
A message from Auto Plus Raceway, Gainesville, FL - "What a great event the New Year's Bracket Bash turned out to be! First off, thank you to all of the racers that made the drive and spent their hard-earned cash to participate in this event. We had 70+ cars in our No-Box class, and around 90 in the Box category. As a result, we decided to pay back an additional round (paid $65 back to the eights) in both categories. We have been getting a great deal of positive feedback from you all, and we thank you for that!

Congratulations to Victor Ferra and Mark Horton for winning Box and No-Box, respectively. Also, a huge thank you has to go out to Gainesville Automotive for being the event presenting sponsor, Rollins Automotive Inc for sponsoring our Box Category, and Ocala Tire Service for sponsoring our No-Box Category. Without their support, the success of this event would have been very difficult to achieve."

Congratulations to the winners, and to Auto Plus Raceway for starting off 2015 with such a strong event for the bracket racers. BTW, racers, the track's first Summit ET Bracket Race of 2015 is Saturday, January 24th. For more information about upcoming Auto Plus Raceway events, visit

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