Michigan Racer Porcelli Wraps Up Championship 2014 Season, Plans Upgrades For 2015

Our friend and hard-core Michigan bracket racer Vince Porcelli checked in recently to let us know how his 2014 season went, and it sounds like it went pretty well! Said Vince, “In 2014 we won the Top ET Championship at Ubly Dragway in Ubly, MI. We were the Opie Top Dawg winner for the 5th time in a row at Lapeer Dragway in Lapeer, MI. We were on the Ubly Bracket Finals team for IHRA in Martin and got down to 3 cars and red lit.” That's Vince in the near lane in the high-flying Falcon.

Vince continued, “The car ran a best 1/4 mile of 8.14 @ 165mph and the 1/8 mile at 5.15 @ 132mph with our small block Ford 351 Windsor Stroker. For the 2015 season we are building a new engine and using the one we have now for a back-up. The new engine will have some pretty trick stuff like a sheet metal intake, Danny Bee belt drive, dry sump, Ford Aussie D3 pro stock heads, among lots of other things. With the new engine we're hoping to see about 1,000 horsepower naturally aspirated with a Pro Systems carb. If everything goes as planned, we're looking for some 7 second passes on motor. We're in the process of assembly at this time and should be on the dyno by the middle of January if not sooner.”

Great job, Vince! Keep us posted about how you’re doing in 2015.

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