Pro Mod Returns To IHRA in 2015
The IHRA has announced that Pro Modified will return to IHRA competition in 2015 led by class sponsor Crower Racing Products. The class will feature quarter-mile competition and an open field at most all Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series events.

“This is a very exciting time for us here at the IHRA as we welcome another fan-favorite class back to the fold in Pro Mod. It is no secret that Pro Mod is one of drag racing’s most popular classes, and with the roots of this class deeply intertwined with the history of the IHRA, we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this class back to where it all began,” said Scott Gardner, President of IHRA Motorsports. “With Pro Mod and Pro Stock back together, along with our incredible Nitro Funny Car, Nitro Harley and Jet Dragster classes, I would pit the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series lineup against any racing series in America as far as shear entertainment value. And with a great partner like Crower coming on board to support this class, it should make for one incredible season in 2015.”

Helping make the return of this class a reality is the support of new class sponsor, Crower Racing Products. Based in San Diego, California, Crower is a leading manufacturer of American-made racing products. Crower began as a one-man, part-time operation and has evolved into a multimillion dollar, multifaceted manufacturing operation that produces high-performance engine equipment for a variety of applications. This year, Crower Racing Products celebrates its 60th year in business as the company looks to continue its reach to new audiences with the IHRA.

The Crower Pro Modified class will showcase the best in quarter-mile competition with a unique combination of supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous-driven engines. The class will feature a 16-car qualified field that will be open to all competitors and will include a year-long championship points battle with over $100,000 in prize money on the line.

With the return of Pro Mod to the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series, the IHRA continues its commitment in returning to its traditional drag racing roots within the professional ranks while also continuing to provide a concise and entertainment-driven event for fans of all ages.

“Pro Mod was born in the IHRA, so to us that is where it belongs. IHRA is bringing the class back to its roots and we are all very excited about that,” said Dina Parise, driver of the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod. “This is a great opportunity for all of us in the Pro Mod community to be back where it all started and to be able to run the full quarter-mile. Eighth-mile racing is nice and they are running some fabulous numbers, but there is nothing like running that back half. Fans will love it and the racers will certainly love being back with the IHRA. We can’t wait to get back on the track and be back with the IHRA.” A complete set of class rules and purse structure for the Crower Pro Mod class will be announced in the coming weeks.

“It is awesome to have Pro Mods back in the IHRA with an innovative and trusted name in racing like Crower,” said Steven Cole, IHRA Vice President of Corporate Partnerships. “Their participation and race winning technology will for sure take this already competitive class to another level.”

For more information on the return of Pro Mod racing to the IHRA and the 2015 IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series, please visit

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