Wrap-Up: American DRAGCAR Inaugural StreetCar Showdown

Text and photos: Jeff Sefranek / American DRAGCAR

American DRAGCAR debuted the 1/8th mile heads-up Arizona Race Company StreetCar Showdown Series on Saturday May 30th at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, and what a show those racers put on.

It seemed that this much-anticipated debut actually turned out to be a “let’s see what it looks like” kind of event for a number of the Arizona heads-up racers as there were quite a few absent from the staging lanes on this evening but those who did show up certainly exhibited hardcore racer hearts as they battled it out under the lights for money and bragging rights.

First up was the Wallace Motorsports Pro Bantamweight class being made up of the 8.5 racers.
Don Bonahoom made the trip down from Lake Havasu City, Arizona to become the #1 qualifier in his RPM Performance Chevy powered ’91 Mustang at 5.623/127.82 MPH. Travis Wallace of Peoria, Arizona in the WRE Ford powered “Crapi” ’81 Capri followed close behind for the #2 spot with his 5.631/124.53 MPH charge.

In the semi-final round Don Bonahoom was paired up with Glendale, Arizona's Justin Robbins in his Wallace Motorsports ’78 Fairmont. Robbins was at a performance disadvantage qualifying a bit slower than Bonahoom but he gave a hard swing as he put a light on Bonahoom, but the Chevy horsepower was just a bit more than Robbins’ Ford could hold off as Bonahoom took the stripe with a strong 5.659/127.55 MPH blast. Travis Wallace was paired up with Queen Creek, Arizona's Preston Osborne in his ’76 Vega for the other half of the round but Osborne apparently suffered troubles as he failed to make the call to the lanes and Wallace took the single, running even better than his qualifying time with a 5.596/123.86 MPH hit.

So for the final, it looked to be Travis Wallace holding the 3 hundredths slight advantage as Don Bonahoom had qualified with a 5.623 and Wallace had just posted a 5.593, but you just never know in drag racing. When the greens lit, it was Wallace off the line first with a slim 6 thousandths reaction time advantage but Osborne’s Chevy is notorious for its top end horsepower charge. The two were side by side all the way but when the finish line flashed beneath the two cars, it was Travis Wallace holding on for the win by that same 3 hundredths of a second, 5.570/123.91 over a 5.593/127.93 charge. That was a spectacular final indeed.

Next on the ticket was the USDRAGCAR.com Pro Welterweight class being made up of the 275 drag radial racers. Clay Forrester of Gilbert, Arizona in his Forrester Racing Engines-powered ’93 Mustang qualified #1 with a 5.042/146.46 MPH blast while Jeff Bomyea from Surprise, Arizona in his Wildside Chevy powered ’68 Camaro took the #2 spot with a 5.150/142.79 MPH effort.

In this semi-final round it would be the two red Camaros of the field facing off as Jeff Bomyea lined up against Glendale, Arizona's Willie Wray in his Auto & Truck Specialists ’69 Camaro. Wray appeared to be at a pretty substantial performance disadvantage qualifying a bit slower than Bomyea had but nothing is ever known until the win light pops. Wray played the only card he felt he could to even up the competition and he took a gamble at the green by leaving when he felt it should come on. A nice try it was but it did not pay off this time as the red light flashed and Bomyea was on his way into the final against Clay Forrester who had gotten the bye to the final.

Going into the final it looked to be another tight pairing with Clay Forrester holding only a 4 hundredths performance advantage with his 5.04 qualifying shot over Jeff Bomyea’s 5.08 semi-final run. This time the RT advantage would prove vital as Forrester took a healthy lead from the light and Bomyea was forced to make up the ground, but to no avail as Clay Forrester took the finish line with a 5.051/147.29 over a quicker 5.018/147.01 effort. Certainly some good racing going on there.

Third on the ticket was the USDRAGCAR.com Pro Heavyweight class being made up of the 10.5 Outlaw racers.
There were only two entries for this class this evening but they were certainly some heavy hitters in the class. They were Mesa, Arizona's Dana Cook in her MMR Ford powered 2010 Mustang and Peoria, Arizona's Vic Brum in his RWR Chevy powered ’70 Chevelle.

After two rounds of qualifying however, both racers opted to withdraw from the competition, voicing concerns relating to the facility, and they were refunded their race fee. Whatever the trouble, they made for a spectacular pairing as their best qualifying round had Dana Cook clocking a 4.76 @ 154 MPH. Hopefully, things can be resolved and we will see them again at Race #2 of the StreetCar Showdown Series on September 5th at the Pass.

The 3rd and final race of this mini-series will be held in Tucson on November 8th at Southwestern International Raceway.

Results - American DRAGCAR StreetCar Showdown, Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ / May 30, 2015

Pro Bantamweight Semi Finals:

W: Don Bonahoom, Lake Havasu City, AZ., '91 Mustang, RT: .448, ET: 5.659
L: Justin Robbins, Glendale, AZ., '78 Fairmont, RT: .429, ET: 6.326

W: Travis Wallace, Peoria, AZ., '81 Capri, RT: .455, ET: 5.596
L: Preston Osborne, Queen Creek, AZ., '76 Vega, RT: N/A, ET: Broke

Pro Bantamweight Final:

W: Travis Wallace, RT: .437, ET: 5.570
L: Don Bonahoom, RT: .443, ET: 5.593

Pro Welterweight Semi Finals:

W: Jeff Bomyea, Surprise,AZ., '68 Camaro, RT: .630, ET: 5.087
L: Willie Wray, Glendale, AZ., '69 Camaro, RT: LBG, ET: None

W: Clay Forrester, Gilbert, AZ., '93 Mustang, RT: .469, ET: 6.183
L: Bye

Pro Welterweight Final:

W: Clay Forrester, RT: .445, ET: 5.051
L: Jeff Bomyea, RT: .597, ET: 5.018

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