Wrap-Up: ET Bracket Racing at Gateway Motorsports Park, May 14, 2016

Chad Lidy of Effingham, Illinois (at left, Camaro), defeated Tim Shaffer of Maryland Heights (at right, Roadrunner), Missouri, in the final round of Pro eliminations today at the Dragplex at Gateway Motorsports Park. The margin of victory was .0008 sec.

Text and photos: John Bisci / Gateway Motorsports Park

Lidy wins Pro finale by just .0008; Wills Jr. scores third Super Pro Motorcycle win of 2016

May 14, 2016, St. Louis Region – You can't even say he won it by a nose. Chad Lidy of Effingham, Illinois (pictured, right), won the final round of Pro eliminations by just .0008 sec. over Tim Shaffer of Maryland Heights, Missouri, this evening at the Dragplex at Gateway Motorsports Park. The Pro finale was a fight to the finish as Lidy's 1976 Camaro posted a reaction time of .017 sec. to Shaffer's .012 sec. Lidy took the win, 6.527 sec. at 101.75 mph, to Shaffer's 6.752 sec. at 100.12 mph. Lidy now stands second in the Pro class points to leader Jeremy McKague.

It was an all-Illinois final in the Super Pro Motorcycle class. Charles Willis Jr., of Highland, scored his third win of the 2016 season by defeating Scott Leonard of Glen Carbon, 9.833 sec. at 135.58 mph to 9.061 sec. at 146.26 mph. Willis, who is retired from the U.S. Army, was quicker off the starting line with a reaction time of .026 sec. to Leonard's .036 sec. Willis Jr. leads the Super Pro Motorcycle points battle by just six over Leonard.

Ben Stum of Hillsboro, Missouri, won the Street Car Heads-Up class over Chad Berton of Valley Mines, Missouri.

Tim Horstman of Festus, Missouri, won the Super Pro finale over Dustin Whitrock of O'Fallon, Missouri. Danny Ratulowski of Highland, Illinois, defeated Larry Wilkerson of St. Charles, Missouri, in the Sportsman final. Jim Huggett of Florissant, Missouri, won the "Box/No-Box" 1/4-mile Bonus final over Tim Shaffer. Deb Schneider of Collinsville, Illinois, won the Trophy class.

NHRA Jr. Dragster victories were claimed by points leader Jake Matternich (Thunder) and Clayton McGinnis (Lightning).

Final-round results, indicating racer, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time, top speed:

Super Pro
Winner: Tim Horstmann (Festus, Missouri) 2007 Racecraft dragster .006 5.264 sec. 120.55 mph.
Runner-up: Dustin Whitrock (O'Fallon, Missouri) 1975 Vega .233 5.703 sec. 116.16 mph

Winner: Chad Lidy (Effingham, Illinois) 1976 Camaro .017 6.527 sec. 101.75 mph.
Runner-up: Tim Shaffer (Maryland Heights, Missouri) 1970 Roadrunner .012 6.752 sec. 100.12 mph.

Winner: Danny Ratulowski (Highland, Illinois) 2001 Camaro .012 12.937 sec. 94.45 mph.
Runner-up: Larry Wilkerson (St. Charles, Missouri) 1987 Mustang .025 12.987 sec. 105.05 mph.

Super Pro Motorcycle
Winner: Charles Willis Jr. (Collinsville, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa .026 9.833 sec. 135.58 mph.
Runner-up: Scott Leonard (Glen Carbon, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa .036 9.061 sec. 146.26 mph.

Box/No-Box 1/4-Mile Bonus
Winner: Jim Huggett (Florissant, Missouri) 2010 Pro Fab dragster .025 7.485 sec. 176.88 mph.
Runner-up: Tim Shaffer (Maryland Heights, Missouri) 1970 Roadrunner -.010 (fouled) 11.152 sec. 97.61 mph.

Street Car Heads-Up
Winner: Ben Stum (Hillsboro, Missouri) 1999 Firehawk .008 9.573 sec. 151.83 mph.
Runner-up: Chad Berton (Valley Mines, Missouri) 2006 Corvette .166 9.431 sec. 153.79 mph.

Winner: Deb Schneider (Collinsville, Illinois) 2001 Camaro .084 13.082 sec. 102.04 mph.
Runner-up: Tracy Gustafson (Nashville, Illinois) 2003 Chevrolet S-10 .077 16.252 81.03 mph.

Jr. Dragster Thunder
Winner: Jake Matternich (Independence, Missouri) .057 9.0006 sec. 71.81 mph.
Runner-up: Nick Dokman (Fairview Heights, Illinois) .145 9.303 sec. 65.43 mph.

Jr. Dragster Lightning
Winner: Clayton McGinnis (Independence, Missouri) .025 7.890 sec. 82.00 mph.
Runner-up: Paige Teel (Quincy, Illinois) .036 7.882 sec. 79.99 mph.

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