Using POR-15 Aluminum Spray Paint On My Orange, Rusty Cast Iron Water Pump
When I was attending the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis in December 2016 (see the coverage HERE), one of the companies I saw was POR-15. I've used their black brush-on paint before in the Dragtime Dodge, but what caught my eye at their booth was their line of spray paints. They really looked amazing.

Fast forward a couple of months to me swapping engines in the Dodge. The motor I was taking out was orange and had an orange water pump. The new motor is blue, and I couldn't find the water pump I had for it. The only option was to use the water pump from the old motor. That's when I thought of POR-15's High Temp enamel in aluminum color. That would make the water pump look good on either motor, regardless of color. So I got the Super Starter Kit and some cans of the POR-15 High Temp in aluminum (# 44318).

Here's the before and after. It really looks great!

Here's the new bullet, ready to go. Just needs a water pump.

Here's the one that came out. It's got a few hundred passes and has served me well. Time for a check-n-freshen.

For the life of me I can't find the water pump that I took off of the blue motor before it was sent out, so I'll have to scavenge this one.

Wire wheel, wire brush, gasket scraper, ready to get started. I wire-wheeled all of the rust to remove it and the paint to remove or rough it up. Next, it's time for ...

... POR-15 Super Starter Kit and Aluminum High-Temp paint.

First use the POR-15 Cleaner/Degreaser. When done, rinse it off with water and dry with compressed air.

Next is the metal prep. After letting it set for 30 minutes, rinse it off and dry with compressed air.

Ready for paint. I sprayed a couple of coats, and VOILA!

Here it is, mounted up on the blue motor. Pretty sharp!



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