22nd Annual PRI Trade Show
of the PRI Trade Show.
“We’d like to thank all the exhibitors for their ingenious innovations in racing
technology, and all the creative displays,” continued Lewis. “And we’d like to thank all the buyers from across the US, and around the world, that came to the PRI Trade Show. Exhibitors remarked over and over again about the quality of the buyers at the PRI Trade Show.”

Lewis and his PRI team have developed the PRI Trade Show in conjunction with the racing industry over more than two decades, providing suppliers their only opportunity to have direct contact with the all-important national distribution pipeline for racing products. Today, the Trade Show has grown to become a truly international trade marketplace for racing equipment.

“The quality of the attendees is more true buyers and sellers rather than people who came

to just see what it was all about,” noted Gordon Steffens of Performance Plus Business Solutions in St. Charles, MO. The company offers a variety of services, including overnight shipping of race engines. “It’s crucial in putting buyers with sellers with products. That’s key number one to the PRI Show. Key number two is it allows the industry to see new and innovative items that come out for each year. And number three, it allows one location throughout the world to be set as a true point for everybody to gather, gain knowledge and see what’s going to happen for the next year in the Motorsports industry.”

“There are so many forms of racing represented here and it has a lot of wow factor,” added Dean Jones, Prime Time Designs, specialist in race graphics based in Asheville, North Carolina. “I think the whole year revolves around this Show — companies being able to showcase new products."

Excerpted from Performance Racing Industry, Volume 25, Number 2, February 2010; “22nd Annual Performance Racing Industry - What A Show It Was” by Christen D'Alessandro, Assistant Editor.

Used by permission. For information about Performace Racing Industry, visit their website at www.performanceracing.com.