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Product News
New Drag Boots from Stroud Safety

A new product announcement from Stroud Safety:

"Check out the new Drag Boots from Stroud Safety. These boots feature a neoprene rubber sole for durability and a positive, confident feel. You no longer have to wear shoes inside as with many competitors’ soft sole boots. These are the most comfortable boots on the market.

Sizes are the same as regular shoes, in full sizes only. These quality boots are available in black. Custom embroidery options are available at an extra charge.

See the full article here...

Max-Fire Spark Plug Wires from Edelbrock
Edelbrock has introduced Max-Fire® Ultra-Spark® performance spark plug wires for V8 engines.

Max-Fire Ultra-Spark performance spark plug wires are manufactured in the USA from highest quality materials to help deliver maximum voltage - ensuring the ultimate performance for engine output. These wires have an extremely high EMI/RFI suppression along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible. They feature a heavy duty 8.5mm diameter silicone jacket to protect the Kevlar spiral wound core from heat, moisture and chemicals.

Max-Fire offers two levels of spark plug wires; Ultra-Spark 500 and Ultra-Spark 50. Ultra-Spark 500 is a great choice for replacing OEM wires and are value priced. They feature high quality leads that deliver 500 ohms of EMI/RFI noise suppression with low resistance. They are ideal for daily drivers and for budget builds, offering the best combination of value and performance.

Ultra-Spark 50 spark plug wires are engineered for high performance engines that need all of the voltage they can get for maximum power output. They are made with wire leads that deliver a low 50 ohms of resistance per-foot for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression. This makes them ideal for engines with aftermarket high performance upgrades that require maximum voltage. Visit the Edelbrock website here for application chart.

Each kit includes 8 spark plug wires (varying lengths), points style terminals, HEI plug style terminals, straight distributor boots, 90° distributor boots, distributor to coil wire, dielectric grease and installation instructions. Will require the use of a wire crimping tool to complete the installation.

For more information visit

New GM LS Water Pump from Meziere Enterprises
Meziere Enterprises introduces its newest cooling solution for the GM LS engine. This new design pump is the benchmark solution for LS-based, extreme duty engine cooling.

Meziere's simplified 55 GPM pump is great for high compression, high horsepower applications where power adders are employed. The WP333 pump is the highest flowing electric pump available, offered in clear or black anodized finish. As with all Meziere pumps, it comes with an industry-leading two year warranty.

For more information, call 800-208-1755 or visit

GIBBS™ Brand Lubricant Now Available from Mark Williams Enterprises
Mark Williams Enterprises has long been searching for a product that provides better corrosion resistance than commonly used WD-40® oil. M/W has always been skeptical of products with miracles through chemistry. However, GIBBS© brand lubricant is the exception, and lives up to its claims. This product is the best bet for keeping unpainted dragster chassis tubing from rusting. The recent trend towards unpainted tubular chassis makes this product a must-use item. It also keeps driveline parts corrosion free without plating options that can have hydrogen embitterment crack development issues. Mark Williams is now a dealer for GIBBS™ Brand USA.
  • Single Can P/N 55-0070
  • Pack of 4 cans P/N 55-0070-4
  • Case of 12 cans P/N 55-0070-12

For more information visit

Please note: GIBBS™ Brand USA products have no affiliation with Joe Gibbs Racing or Joe Gibbs Racing oils.

New Ball Bearing Pinion Support from Mark Williams Enterprises
M-W introduces a new series of DUAL Angular Contact Ball / Ball Bearing Pinion Support Assemblies for 9” Ford Thirdmembers. The new dual angular contact bearings reduce friction and increase RPM capacity. All assemblies are factory pre-load set to simplify the installation. These M-W exclusive bearings make pre-load adjustments easy for field service by allowing the removal of the front race. Upgrade options include ceramic ball conversion and Nano-Grey™ (tungsten disulfide) surface treatment processing for additional friction reduction.
Models are available to fit 9” and 9-1/2” ring gears for 28 tooth pinion splines. Models for 35 tooth pinion splines will be available soon. – Stay tuned!

47670 Pinion Support, Assembly Ball/Ball 28 Spline Pinion.......................... $460.00
47680 Pinion Support, Assembly Ball/Ball 35 Spline Pinion....,......................$460.00 (COMING SOON!)

New Adjustable Size Slip-Tube Wheelie Bar Introduced By S&W
Spring City, PA – The addition of S&W’s new High Performance Adjustable Slip-Tube Wheelie Bar has increased S&W’s wheelie bar offering to 33 unique models. The HiPo wheelie bar is purpose built for powerful and demanding drag race cars. The slip-tube construction bar features a floating "X-Member" on the lower struts. It is offered as an unwelded kit or as a welded unit. Maximum length is 80” and Maximum width is 28.” Both length and width can be narrowed to suit the racers needs. Upper & Lower struts are made of 1-1/4” x .065 Chrome Moly. Kits include: Housing Brackets to fit 3” axle tubes (Brackets for rear with back brace available,) Chrome Moly Rod Ends, Hardware and S&W’s red wheels with bearing. Optional PRP Billet Wheels, Wheelez or Wheelez Lite wheels can be substituted for an additional charge.

“S&W has been producing slip-tube type wheelie bars for 15+ years,” said S&W’s Marketing Director, Jill Fazekas. “Until now, they were a custom product produced only by special request. In recent years, we saw a rapid increase in custom slip-tube sales, which prompted us to design our new HiPo Wheelie Bar.”

P/N 40-347U Unwelded Kit – Starting at $750.00
- Upper & Lower Struts are partially welded.
- Customer must trim, fit & weld crossmember and diagonals

P/N 40-347 Welded Kit – Starting at $1,100.00
- Upper & Lower Struts, Crossmembers and Diagonals are Welded.

For additional information, call 800-532-3353 or visit S&W at

GM LS Series Valve Cover Gaskets from Moroso
Moroso Performance Products has introduced these valve cover gaskets for GM LS series engines. Verified by Moroso to work with their own GM LS Series valve covers and O.E.M. valve covers.

• Manufactured out of heavy duty molded rubber
• Quality design and manufacturing meets or exceeds O.E.M. quality
• Two per package
Part# 93025 / Valve Cover Gasket, GM LS Series


Meziere Introduces New SafeCap Radiator Caps
Escondido, California – Our friends at Meziere Enterprises have introduced a product that is not only stylish and highly functional, but also advances the safety of motorsports. The all-new SafeCap has been designed to address one issue that has plagued racers for decades. Standard caps often suffer damage that can result in the cap coming off at the most inopportune times. This new cap features a set of ramp rollers for smooth and secure fitment. The billet cap offers excellent integrity, fit and finish. The locking shell and clip ensure a failsafe, secure radiator cap that will easily withstand the rigors of motorsports. They come in three finishes: black anodized, clear anodized and electroless nickel plated. Patent pending.
  • WCC300 SafeCap Clear anodize finish
  • WCC301 SafeCap Black anodize finish
  • WCC302 Safecap Electroless nickel finish
  • Retail Price $106.32

For more information, visit Meziere Enterprises at

New GM LS Oil Pans from Moroso Performance Products
Our friends at Moroso Performance Products have announced the availability of these new oil pans for GM LS applications:


Wet Sump, 5 Quart Capacity, 6" Deep, 8.295" Wide, 8.375" Long. Engine Application: GM LS Series. Fits: LS Engine Conversions that require a narrower Rear Sump (Check Measurements) for “Block Hugger” headers

• Oil pan has a thick precision laser cut steel rail with a durable fabricated steel sump plated with a clear
zinc finish
• Fabricated, durable steel construction is more adaptable to add fittings, change finishes and weighs less
than cast aluminum construction
• Clears 4.125" stroke with most steel rods and can be used with Moroso No. 22941 Windage Tray
• Front of the oil pan is 1.813" deep to the beginning of the 6" Deep, 8.295" Wide, and 8.375" Long sump
• Anti-climb baffle
• Features a detachable, remote oil filter adapter constructed out of billet aluminum with two
straight –10AN fittings
• Designed to be used with Moroso No. 24050 Oil Pump Pickup
• Magnetic drain plug and uses a stock dipstick

Part # 20147 - Oil Pan GM LS, Rear Sump, Swap, Fully Fabricated, Steel, Remote Oil Filter


Wet Sump, 7 Quart Capacity, 6" Deep. Engine Application: GM LS Series. Fits: ’68-’72 Nova, ’65-’72 Chevelle, ’67-’69 Camaro, Can also be used in additional applications; check dimensions for clearance

• Oil pan has a thick precision laser cut steel rail with a clear zinc finish
• Clears 4.125" stroke with most steel rods and can be used with Moroso No. 22941 Windage Tray
• Front of the oil pan is 1 3/4” deep to the beginning of the 6" deep sump
• The sump is 9-11/16" long and 10 ¼" wide
• Features a race proven diamond shape four trap door assembly and anti-slosh baffle that keeps oil
contained in oil pump pick up area during road racing and drag racing
• The 7 Quart Capacity moves the oil away from the rotating assembly for oil control and horsepower saving • Included billet aluminum adapter with Two straight –10AN fittings for remote filter installation
• Designed to be used with Moroso No. 24050 Oil Pump Pickup
• Uses stock dipstick

Part # 20148 - Oil Pan GM LS Camaro/Swap, Road Race, Remote Filter


Wet Sump, 5 Quart Capacity, 6" Deep, 8.295" Wide, 8.375" Long. Engine Application: GM LS Series. Fits: LS Engine Conversions that require a narrower Rear Sump (Check Measurements) for “Block Hugger” headers

• Oil pan has a thick precision laser cut steel rail with a durable fabricated steel sump plated with a clear
zinc finish
• Fabricated, durable steel construction is more adaptable to add fittings, change finishes and weighs less
than cast aluminum construction
• Clears 4.25" stroke with most steel rods
• Front of the oil pan is 1.813" deep to the beginning of the 6" Deep, 8.295" Wide, and 8.375" Long sump
• Anti-climb baffle
• Features a detachable, billet aluminum adapter that allows a 13/16" thread Moroso No. 22462 or O.E.M. oil
filter to be mounted in the stock location, no need to run a remote oil filter
• Accepts Moroso No. 22941 Windage Tray
• Designed to be used with Moroso No. 24050 Oil Pump Pickup
• Magnetic drain plug and uses a stock dipstick

Part # 20150 GM LS, Rear Sump, Swap, Fully Fabricated, Steel, Spin-On Oil Filter, Oil Pan

Visit for more information.
ATI's New T400 Front Pump Gasket Sets
Looking for an easy way to set correct front end play in your T400 transmission builds? ATI Performance Products, Inc's new T400 Front Pump Gasket Set (Part #405380) includes 10 gaskets in three thicknesses to help you set the correct end play without stacking shims or going to the lathe. Six OEM size 0.015, two 0.030 and two 0.045 thick gaskets come in the kit. Gaskets are available individually as well. As every builder knows, correct front end play is critical to proper function and long transmission life. ATI's new premium front pump gaskets will help you save time, and do the job correctly on your next T400 transmission build.

ATI Performance Products, Inc. is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its superior technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions.

Visit for more info about ATI products.

AutoMeter's Billet Dash Panels
AutoMeter’s line of direct fit mounting solutions continues to expand with the inclusion of these high quality, American made, billet aluminum dash panels.

Precision engineered for a perfect fit, these panels drastically simplify the process of gauge installation while providing a clean, timeless look. It’s never been easier to add the accuracy and quality of AutoMeter gauges to your project. Checkout the complete lineup of applications for your classic at

7033 - Dash Panel, Chevy Car 55-56, 1 x 3-1/8" & 4 x 2-1/16", SR Bezel, Billet
7034 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Chevy Car 59-60, 1 x 5", Billet
7035 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Mustang 65-66, 1 x 3-3/8, 4 x 2-1/16"
7036 - Dash Panel, Chevy Truck 55-59, 1 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7037 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Chevy Truck 54-55, 2 x 5", Billet
7038 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Chevy Car 51-52, 2 x 5", Billet
7039 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Chevy Truck 47-53, 2 x 5", Billet
7042 - Dash Panel, Chevy Car 53-54, 1 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7043 - Dash Panel, Chevy Truck 64-66, 2 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7044 - Dash Panel, Nova 62-65, 1 x 3-1/8" & 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7045 - Dash Panel, Chevy Truck 67-72, 2 x 4-5/8", 4 x 2-5/8", Billet
7046 - Dash Panel, Ford Truck 48-50, 1 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7047 - Dash Panel, Chevy Truck 60-63, 2 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7048 - Dash Panel, Ford Truck 53-55, 2 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7049 - Dash Panel, Chevy Truck 55-59, 1 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Black
7050 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Camaro/Firebird 67-68, 2 x 5" SR Bezel
7055 - Dash Insert, Chevy 55-56, 1 x 3-1/8" & 4 x 2-1/16", SR Bezel, Black
7056 - Dash Insert/Adapter, Camaro/Firebird 67-68, 2 x 5", Billet
7057 - Dash Panel, Chevy Truck 40-46, 1 x 3-1/8", 4 x 2-1/16", Billet
7058 - Adapter for 2-1/16" Clock, Chevy Car 55-56, Billet
3283 - Optional LED Light Kit (2 Green, 1 Blue)

New Hi-Top Driving Shoes from Stroud Safety
Stroud Safety has introduced their new Hi-Top Driving Shoe. Featuring premium grade leather and a thin, durable neoprene rubber sole, these new shoes deliver the ultimate in protection, comfort, feel and value.

The ankle section is taller for more support and protection. The shoe also features higher lace points for a more secure fit and enhanced comfort. An extra layer of leather at the heel and toe adds even more support and protection in these critical areas of the foot. The new Stroud shoe is available in all popular sizes and is SFI rated.

Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Diapers, Fire Suits, Safety Apparel, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for over 26 years. Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products and specializes in custom design applications for many of their products.

Call 800-554-4648 for more information and free catalog, visit the website at and follow on Facebook at

PROFORM'S New Black-Crinkle 50+ Amp 1-Wire Mini Alternator
PROFORM'S New Black-Crinkle 1-Wire Mini Alternator is perfect for the racer looking for something reliable, and the cruiser looking for something small that looks good.

Like all PROFORM alternators, these new mini alternators are 100% new, include a machined V-belt pulley, and lastly are tested at the component level and the finished level to ensure the best product possible. Weighs 6 lbs. Available in Black Crinkle and Polished finishes.

Reliability starts with how it’s made. Choosing PROFORM means choosing alternators with components produced by highly specialized machines, assembled by highly trained personnel using dedicated jigs and equipment, with everything 100% new for maximum longevity and optimum performance. After assembly each alternator is individually tested at the factory. Finally, it’s boxed with a quality assurance graph that documents the specific unit’s output performance.

More information about PROFORM's New Black-Crinkle 1-Wire Mini Alternator is HERE.

Track Safety Packages From Stroud Safety
Stroud Safety is now supplying Track Safety Packages to drag racing facilities around the globe. Each package is customized to the unique demands and requirements of every track. Depending on the needs of each facility, Stroud has delivered barrier and catch nets, safety crew SFI certified fire suits and related apparel, custom tow straps, and much more.

The new Stroud 25 square foot Fire Blanket is a popular item for tracks and teams. This heavyweight Nomex® blanket is perfect in an emergency to quickly help smother a fire on an individual or equipment and comes complete with storage bag.

According to Darren at Santa Pod Raceway in England, “We are very pleased with Stroud Safety as the supplier of protective clothing for our safety team. It is important to us that the team has the best protection available…”

For all you competitors out there, if your favorite track could use some help in the safety department, let them know about Stroud Track Safety Packages. The safety of the participants, spectators, and track personnel could depend on it. Give Stroud a call to see what products can be provided to enhance your track safety effectiveness and professionalism.

Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Diapers, Fire Suits, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for over 26 years! Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products and specializes in custom design applications for many of their products.

Call 800-554-4648 for more information and free catalog, visit the website at and follow on Facebook at

AutoMeter's BEX Battery Extenders
Sycamore, IL - Peace of mind doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When you’re ready to go to the track, there is nothing more frustrating than having a dead battery. AutoMeter has your back with their all-new BEX Series Battery Extenders. Starting at around $40, the BEX-1500 and BEX-3000 are fully automated smart chargers which keep your electrical system in peak condition and are compatible with nearly all battery types (including AGM).

• Compatible with all Lead Acid Batteries: Standard (Flooded), AGM or Gel Cell
• Parasitic Drain Protection
• Fully automatic “smart” charging with advanced circuitry enables energy efficient and safe charging
• The BEX series chargers are fully equipped with sophisticated circuitry that will safely charge and maintain batteries without overcharging and desulphate worn cells.

Safe Operation
• Spark Free Connection and Reverse Polarity Protection.
• Charge current: BEX 1500 1.5 A, BEX 3000 3.0 A
• The BEX series chargers are versatile battery chargers with a compact ruggedized composite shell that makes them safe to set and forget on all of your household vehicles. Perfect for any motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, car, truck, RV, and lawn mower.
• Ruggedized and Water Resistant - BEX series battery extenders are purpose built to resist water.

Simply bring the charger to the source without removing your battery and connect the leads. Click HERE to go directly to the BEX page on AutoMeter's website.

PowerLite Batteries from Altronics, Inc.

Altronics Inc., with over 20 years in electronic and engineering experience, has developed the most advanced lithium batteries available - PowerLite. The PowerLite series provides the latest technology in reliable, safe, ultra-lite weight, and high power output 12 and 16 volt lithium batteries.

PowerLite batteries offer weights 10x less than the equivalent lead battery technology with much faster charging cycles and up to 10x life span. PowerLite Lithium also provides a very stable voltage output compared to lead acid so that your components run consistently at the same voltage with no drop. PowerLite battery charges offer full computer controlled charging in a easy to carry 4lb package.

Altonics' most popular PowerLite battery is the 920 series that offers the most bang for the buck, and all PowerLite batteries can be safely used to repeatedly bump motor when doing valve maintenance without causing any damage to the battery.

Contact Altronics Inc. for help selecting the best PowerLite Battery for your application. Visit the PowerLite section of Altronics' website HERE for more information about PowerLite.

PROFORM® PTFE Black Carburetors
Proform’s latest upgrade to its line of carburetors is adding Black Diamond coating to main bodies and fuel bowls. This non-stick coating has PTFE (popularly known as Teflon®), which improves heat-dissipation and durably combats dirt, oil, and rust. Black Diamond reduces fuel temperature by as much as six percent. In addition to being denser for improved combustion, cooler fuel is less likely to vapor-lock.

Eight new Black Diamond mechanical secondary applications are currently available. Street Series models are offered in three levels: 650, 750, and 850 cfm. Race Series units -- which delete the air horn, choke tower, and choke control for maximum flow -- come in 650, 750, 850, 950, and 1050 cfm. All Proform carburetors are hand-assembled in the USA and are individually engine-tested prior to shipping. Features include:

• High-flow aluminum main bodies
• High-performance down-leg boosters
• Billet throttle baseplates with button-head Torx screws
• Power valve blow-out protection
• Lightweight die-cast aluminum fuel bowls with 3/8-inch inverted flare fuel inlet fittings
• Fuel level sight-glass windows for easy float adjustments
• Changeable idle air bleeds
• Billet metering blocks: no warping or porosity
• Changeable idle feed restrictors and emulsion jets
• Serviceable throttle levers
• Slip-link secondary linkage
• Easy-access secondary idle air flow
• Changeable high-speed bleeds
• Notched secondary floats
• Secondary jet extensions
• Non-stick gaskets

A new feature being launched with the Black Series is a newly designed throttle return spring bracket to accommodate popular Detroit Three applications. Additional carburetor accessories are also available that include air bleed kits, jet kits, needle/seat assemblies, a billet plate that holds up to 22 pairs of jets, phenolic spacers/adapters, a float adjustment tool, and a power valve remover tool.

For more information, please contact Proform Parts at 586-774-2500 or

Four New Front Tire Sizes from Mickey Thompson
The ET Front from Mickey Thompson is one of the most popular front tires for racecars including dragsters and land speed racers. Now available in two new 17-inch sizes, the company has also introduced two additional 15-inch sizes.

“The new 17-inch sizes are designed for late model vehicles with big brakes,” said Jason Moulton, Senior Product Development Manager for Mickey Thompson. “They provide improved strut clearance and are lighter weight for better stability at higher speeds.”

“The new 15-inch sizes are narrower for racers who need that fitment,” continued Moulton. “Because the tread patch is narrower, the tire is also lighter with less rolling resistance.”

The ET Front utilizes an ultra-light design and tubeless construction – the perfect choice for high-speed applications. For more information, visit

ATI's New Aluminum Head Plugs for LSX Engines
Trying to get some weight off the nose of your LSX powered racecar? ATI now offers Teflon anodized, 6061 billet aluminum water jacket and oil galley plugs. Part #951650A fits the water jacket holes and 10 per block are needed! Part #951650B replaces the oil galley plugs and 4 are needed. Don't put a heavy, rusty, steel plug in your new or freshly overhauled LSX steel block. Save almost 2 lbs and look good while doing it! Make sure to add these great looking parts to your next LS project.

Be sure to look for other custom, race proven, LS parts that ATI has developed from their own COPO Camaro Racecar. See the plugs on ATI's website HERE.

Wideband PRO Plus from Auto Meter

Auto Meter introduces their PRO Plus Wideband Gauges. Knowing the exact air/fuel mixture running through your engine is the most important factor to extracting the highest levels of performance and durability. Not all wideband gauges are created equal. Auto Meter utilizes an advanced calibration method that automatically calibrates your gauge on every startup to assure you of the highest degree of accuracy over the entire lifespan of your sensor (no free air calibration is ever necessary). Compatible with nearly all fuel types, the Auto Meter Pro Plus Wideband has a configurable display to pinpoint the exact range you want to keep an eye on. An advanced peak recall function and lean warning system make sure you’re safely making power, whether on the track or on the street. An automatically dimming display tailors light output for any condition. Data logging output is included for one wire or two wire systems. The specially-designed O2 sensor and wiring harness are included for ease of installation.

• Display in AFR or Lambda
• 4.9 LSU sensor provides the fastest, most accurate readings available on the market - No free air calibration required
• Configurable wide open throttle warning and peak recall
• Programmable 0-5v and serial data output for aftermarket engine management or data logging
• Pro-Control output allows automatic control of other power systems - Nitrous, water/methanol injection, or safety shutoff
• Adjustable for Alternate Fuel Types (Ethanol, Methanol, Propane, CNG) 6:1 to 18:1 AFR Range for Alternate Fuel Types
• Automatic dimming via photo diode for seamless transition to nighttime driving
• Compact design matches existing Auto Meter gauges
• Compatible with carbureted or fuel injected engines

See Auto Meter's PRO Plus Wideband gauges HERE.

Meziere's New 55GPM Electric Water Pump for LSx
Meziere Enterprises, the industry leader for electric water pump technology, brings you the solution for LS based, extreme duty engine cooling.

Meziere's simplified 55 GPM pump is a great solution for high compression, high horsepower applications where power adders are employed. They are the highest flowing electric pumps available, offered in clear or black anodized finish and come with a two year warranty.

Contact Meziere Enterprises at 800-208-1755 or on the web at

S&W's New Direct Fit Rear Spoiler Kit
S&W Race Cars has added a tenth Direct Fit Rear Spoiler Kit to their current selection. The new kit is designed to perfectly fit the following 1968-1972 GM models: Chevelle, GTO, Cutlass, Skylark & Monte Carlo. At the request of their customers, this and other .040” thick 5052 Aluminum S&W spoilers will now feature a protective PVC coating. This coating will aid in the prevention of surface scratches and abrasions. In addition, all necessary hardware and 2 spoiler support rods are included. The overall dimensions are: 51.75" x 14"

P/N 95-715
Retail Cost $249.95

For more information about this S&W product, click HERE to visit the product page on the S&W website.

New Straight Blade Challenger Fan from Maradyne
To meet the needs of hot rod enthusiasts seeking a well-designed, economical straight blade fan to cool thicker-core radiators, universal fan manufacturer Maradyne® High Performance Fans offers the new 16-inch Challenger Series fan (MC162K-STR).

Combining a very strong, reliable 225-watt motor and balanced, straight blades, the new 16-inch Challenger fan achieves an air flow of over 2,000 CFM at 0 inches of static but more importantly, over 1,600 CFM through the radiator core, all while keeping the amp draw manageable at 21.5. Made from durable glass-filled nylon resin, the fan features a low profile shroud with a cage depth of only 1.1 inches at the outer circle and a motor depth of four inches. The competitively-priced straight blade Challenger fan comes with four 90-degree mounting feet, mating pigtail connector, and mounting instructions.

Maradyne recommends purchasing a relay harnesses, sold separately, with three options including an adjustable temperature switch (part # MFA100), an A/C relay (part #MFA101), a 185-degree temperature switch (part # MFA102) or a 195-degree temperature switch (part # MFA103).

To learn more about the new Challenger Series fan, visit
New Products from PROFORM Parts

Our friends at PROFORM Parts have been hard at work coming up with a bevy of new products. Check these out!

Visit to see all of their inventive and helpful race parts and tools.

New T400 Vasco Shafts and Drums from ATI Performance Products

Looking for the most performance from your T400? ATI now offers all new Vasco Inputs with light weight drums for less rotating weight and improved durability.

ATI’s “Big” Vasco inputs are 1-3/16” thick at the converter side and 1-1/4” where they press into the forward drum. That is 16% bigger than OEM T400 inputs and compliment ATI's Billet Aluminum Super Pump with bolt-in stator tube. Available with either an Aluminum Drum (Part #406003V) that comes with a steel center and can hold up to 8 clutches or an all-new light weight Billet Steel Drum (Part # 406002V) with a new billet aluminum piston that accepts up to 9 clutches. For racers that need an OEM size input, ATI offers an OEM diameter Vasco Input (Part #406006) with a new Lightweight Steel or Aluminum Drum (406005) that is both stronger and lighter than OEM.

For more information visit

LS Perimeter Plate System from ZEX

LS Perimeter Plate Systems cool like no other. ZEX Perimeter Plate injection uses Cryo-SyncTM technology and multiple injection points to cool both the mixture charge and intake manifold for additional power. Complete wet system and adjustable from 100 to 250HP.

Typical spray bar nitrous plates are built on 30 year old technology and suffer from design compromises that can result in less than optimal performance and reliability. But ZEX™ has created three advanced nitrous technologies, each of which gives the user significant power advantages over conventional plate systems.

ZEX™ has a complete, race ready perimeter plate system for LS applications and is a direct fit for FAST™ LSX™/LSXR™/LSXRT™ 102mm Intake Manifolds. Adjustable from 100-250 horsepower, the system provides optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution with nitrous and fuel outlets placed at 12 injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold’s inlet.

• For 4-bolt, cable-activated throttle bodies; Electronic throttle body version available
• Included adapter allows fitment to all 90mm & larger, OEM & aftermarket throttle bodies/manifolds
• ZEX™ Perimeter Plate Conversion Kits are also available for converting any single-nozzle system
• Activated at wide open throttle using ZEX™ patented electronic TPS switch

For more information visit ZEX at

Stage 8 Designs Essential Ball and Socket Locking Fasteners

San Rafael, CA - Stage 8, manufacturer of the world’s most effective, active mechanical locking systems, now offers locking fastener kits for all cat-back and header ball and socket applications.

The best technique for dealing with exhaust fastener loosening is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Stage 8 offers an easy-to-use kit that assures no horsepower loss or gasket failure created by loose exhaust fasteners. Stage 8’s unique, patented and trademarked ball and socket 4-piece locking fastener assemblies are available in both metric and U.S. sizes. Depending on the application, a steel bolt or nut, locking retainer, threaded tab and spring clip are included. Stage 8 Locking Ball and Socket Kits are sold with all of the necessary hardware for your specific application.

2015 marks Stage 8 Locking Fastener’s 30th anniversary of building the world’s best locking fasteners for a myriad of industries including automotive, industrial, railroad and military. Since 1985, Stage 8 has consistently delivered measurable increases in equipment reliability and safety as well as dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures, especially for the most critical fastener applications, especially header and exhaust applications. More information about Stage 8 can be found at


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