Big Tire Outlaws at Englishtown, September 16th, 2012
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Cerbone Wins Big Tire Outlaws at Englishtown

In preparing for The Big Tire Outlaws event on Sunday, September 16th, 2012, the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park crew had their work cut out for them. The long standing U.S. Diesel Truckin' Nationals were held the night before and parking the Big Tire Outlaws reminded me of the game of Tetris, maneuvering between the leftover big rigs.

Could John Cerbone make it 2 BTOs in a row? Steve Woolley, Richard Scioscia, Adam Cohen, Rick Righter and John Schroeder say otherwise. We've got a diverse group of cars to do battle as they are called to the lanes at 10:45.

In the first Qualifier, John Schroeder lays down a 4.49 that will stay number 1. Richard Scioscia's bad hemi shatters a valve spring which in turn swallows some parts in the motor they never found. Rick Righter has a very trying pass as they couldn't get the car in reverse and relied on the family to push back the Comet. In haste, the Comet had all fuel and no nitrous at the hit. Steve Woolley bounces the tires at about 100 ft. and pedals the ‘66 Chevy II.
In the second Qualifier, the Scioscias take a chance and drag the hemi to the lanes...... the chance paid off with their career best of 4.82 @ 146. Steve Woolley launches like an angry ape but gets a sliver out of the groove and has to shut down.

In Round 1, Adam Cohen (below) plays his game of great R/Ts and consistent runs to move him into the next round. He runs a 4.92 @ 142 over Rick Righter’s 5.04 @ 140.

Steve Wooley runs a 4.60 @ 160 to take the win over Richard Scioscia and his 4.82 @ 148. These are career bests on both sides as the Sciosci's match their e.t. best but raise their mph best to 148. Steve Woolley shows a number he knew the car was capable of with his best run ever on the other side as he goes the 4.60. Rounding out Round 1 are byes by Cerbone and Shroeder.

In the Semis, John Cerbone had a competition single after Steve Woolley broke. John did the sportsman-like move and waited as long as possible to give Steve a chance to find his electrical gremlins. It was for naught as Steve couldn't fire the '66 Chevy. John goes down to a 4.56 @ 159.

In the other Semi and the biggest upset of the BTO, Adam Cohen lays down another killer R/T and runs his number to knock down the number one qualifier John Schroeder. Adam goes to his first ever final round in heads-up racing.

In the Final it was John Cerbone (below) over Adam Cohen, 4.60 to 4.93. Cerbone had to earn this one as Adam was again brutal on the tree with an .021. What a great few weeks for both of these drivers as Adam comes from a semi-final run at the YB and John is fresh off of a win at the same race.

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Text written and photos submitted by Brian Moody