Dave Milcarek On Location

There are those who take pictures, and then there are those who are photographers. Dave Milcarek is a great example of the latter. Dave is not only one of the hardest-working drag-race photographers I've met, he's one of the most knowledgeable. Dave truly knows equipment, lighting, depth of field, films speeds, flash photography, and the list goes on and on. Let's just say he knows all of the things that I'm working toward learning. I'm always impressed when I speak with Dave as he rattles off settings and specs as second nature.

Dave was kind enough to share some images that he captured at Atco Dragway's Thrill Show on Saturday, June 15th, 2013. This is just a small sample of Dave's work. Visit www.DaveMilcarek.com and click the link on his home page called Our Photo Gallery to see the rest.