Suspended Conversation with Jeanne Linke

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Whether a drag car is looking to run 14 seconds in the quarter-mile, or seven seconds, suspension is vital to any racer’s success. No matter how much time a racer spends using an engine dyno, he or she can’t truly win without an optimally set-up vehicle. How your drag car leaves the starting line determines your overall elapsed time.

In Stock Eliminator there are rules we must follow regarding how far we can really push our engines. To compensate for the few extra horsepower that your opponent may have over you in a heads-up scenario there are ways to still give you that winning edge, including in the chassis and suspension. installed their feature 3rd & 4th generation Anti Roll Bar Kit underneath my Camaro. The new makeover also included a modified adjustable torque arm, new bolt-on lower control arms and a bolt-on adjustable panhard bar. In addition, their polyurethane bushings are now used throughout the entire rear suspension to eliminate uncontrolled movement.

“The main objective for was to free up Jeanne’s car. When you take the bind out of the rear and front suspension, the car will leave better and the overall 60 foot elapsed times on the drag strip will be quicker,” said S&W’s Scott Weney.

My main challenge was a constant battle with my car’s preload. We have used an airbag for the last eight years that I’ve been running the car. I’m really impressed with my new Anti Roll Bar Kit. The first pass I made with the new set-up I was able to feel the difference in how even the car left the starting line. The new upgrades made it simple for us to change the pinion angle on my 12-bolt rear through the modified Adjustable Torque Arm as well. We found that the car leaves harder with modified torque arm bar which improved our 60 foot times. Overall, we improved our elapsed times which is a great achievement. A big help during the process was being able to contact the company and ask for extra set-up advice while we were at the track testing. If you need help with your car’s chassis or suspension, may be reached at 610-792-2444 or at

Words and photos: Jeanne Linke installed polyurethane bushings on all of the suspension parts. These bushings are especially made to work with the car because they are capable of rotating freely, whereas a rubber bushing will bind up when it is pushed to its limit.
The frame was rebraced as began installing their Anti Roll Bar kit. The kit is for all type of Stock Eliminator, Top Stock, and E.T. Bracket class cars looking to improve their 60 foot elapsed times.
Pictured here is one of the new lower control arms installed with polyurethane bushings.
Here is a photo of the brand new bolt-on adjustable panhard bar installed.