Dragtime News On Location: Mopars @ Etown 2012
Al Levine pulls his blown Savoy around the wall
When he's not racing it, he parks it in front of his house so the postman has a place to put Al's mail
 How do you see around that thing?
Al lights 'em and lifts 'em
Now it's Sunday, August 26th, and there are numerous mini thrashes going on in the pits. I've double-entered the Dodge today in Super Pro and Pro. Being that I went rounds in both classes (2nd round in Super Pro, final round in Pro), I wasn't able to cover anything in the later rounds. If you were here today and went late into the rounds I had my hands full and just wasn't able to get you.

Long Island's Danny Collins and his absolutely perfect altered.

The Ancient Warrior family racing compound
One of the most beautiful cars anywhere, Mopar or otherwise. Bob Gloria has been racing this car forever. This car works.
Gary Castagna taking care of last minute business before time shots

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