Dragtime News On Location: Numidia Dragway's King Of The Track, July 22nd, 2012

I love this shot: you can see both drivers eyeing each other, trying to size up the situation.

Trying out a new setting on my camera: blurry-vision. Sorry guys, but this shot was still too cool to pass up.
Numidia Dragway is known for being a very friendly track. It's always a good time up here in the hills.
Numidia is a family owned and operated track, and here's the newest member of the family: That's little Robert DiMino with Lisa and Al.
This is Neil Smith with his vintage 1978 Kawasaki Z1R. He won Bike today and was witing on standby for the Wally run-off. Neil's also a regular at Island Dragway

That's it racers. Sorry we couldn't stay until the end, but we had to hit the road to get back and keep working on other items for the website. We hope you liked what we presented here. Thanks for stopping by!

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