Dragtime News On Location: 2014 LI Hot Rod Reunion / Old Days Drags, Englishtown, NJ
Same goes for Rob Bizzaro, who's always causing trouble in his 1988 Mustang.

Joe Laino and I both took track championships at Long Island Motorsports Park in 1998, Joe in Super Pro and me in Pro.
Another big-time Long Island drag racer is Paul Rocco.

This was the last pair of the night on Saturday, July 26th, 2014: me in the Dragtime Dodge in the left lane against Leny Catalonotto in the right. This was the NY National Speedway Pro Tree Eliminator. This was a great race and so fitting that it was me and Lenny, after all the great races we've had against each other over the years. Our friend and racer Rob Bizzaro had a good day, too. He raced Lenny in the Semis and then came to the starting line to snap this photo. Thanks Rob!

Now it's Sunday, Sunday Sunday! and time for the Old Days Drags and Funny Car Reunion.

A work of art.

A cool '33 Willys.
Arlene Russell in the Russell Racing Vega with husband and crewchief Steve at the passenger side.

The Weasel!

Man, this car REALLY has a lot of history in Long Island drag racing. I'd see it every weekend at Long Island Motorsports.

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