On The Scene With Al Levine: HDRA 100 Foot Drags, May 22, 2011

Sunday, May 22nd 2011 - Al Levine contributed these great photos of the the first-ever 100-ft. Drags at Long Island, NY's Riverhead Raceway presented by the Holeshot Drag Racing Association. Judging by the vehicles in many of the photos, Long Island drag racers brought out some pretty impressive machinery to race for 100 feet, proof that Long Island is home to many die-hard racers who are starved for organized drag racing but who would still rather race legally than illegally on the street.

Look at the crowd on hand for the event. It looks like racers and spectators came out in droves.
On hand were some nostalgia race vehicles from back in the day.
Later-model machines with a pro-street attitude were also represented.
I'm amazed at the level of race cars that were brought out to race for 100 feet. That's dedication!

This gasser is sitting up so high it looks like it's begging for treats...

...or for a track on Long Island, as the rear window states!
Hot rods, street cars, race cars, they were all at Riverhead Raceway getting any kind of drag-racing fix they could.
These shots of the staging lanes say a lot.

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Photos: Al Levine