On The Scene With Al Levine: HDRA 100 Foot Drags, May 22, 2011
Entering the track from the lanes.
This shot of the stands also shows how starved Long Islanders are for safe, organized racing. That's a pretty big crowd!
The Fontana's Speed machine was brought out to Riverhead to be part of this historic event.
These next few photos tell a lot. These are the types of hard-core bracket machines that would be competing regularly if there were a dedicated dragstrip in the area.
This Duster has been a fixture in drag racing on Long Island for longer than I can remember.

This is what Long Islander's have been waiting for since Long Island Motorsports Park closed ten years ago: two cars lined up side-by-side, waiting for the Tree to drop. What a sight.

There was even a mini-cacklefest for the crowd with the Pacers t-bucket and the Billy Lynch front-engine rail.
It looks like everyone involved had a great time. The 100-foot drags could be a great first step in getting organized drag racing back into an area that no longer has it. Thanks again to Al Levine for the great photos.

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Photos: Al Levine