Dragtime News On Location: MASCA / MASGA / MASSA Awards Dinner, February 2014

The Class of 2013: MASCA Top 5, back row (l-r): 1st: Tom Boyle, 2nd: Dave Long, 3rd: Jeff Livezey Jr., 4th: Tom Oliver and 5th: Don Bangs. MASGA Top 5, middle row (l-r): 1st: Earl Nichols, Jr., 2nd: Lance Kreiger, 3rd: Iggie Boicesco, 4th: Derek Clark and 5th: Tom Goldman. MASSA Top 5, front row (l-r): 1st: Jimmy Stack, 2nd: Frank Quarno, 3rd: Keith Mayers, 4th: Lyn Haun and 5th: Bernie Staub. Congratulations to the Top 5s in each association.

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