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In the tower I spoke with Larry Dixon. He was at Englishtown no doubt to keep in the thick of things as he tries to secure sponsorship and get back in the seat. A very pleasant, friendly and professional guy. I wish him well and hope he gets a deal soon.
Pro Mod in the lanes getting ready for another qualifying session.
I always like speaking with Melanie Troxel; she's one of my favorite drivers. She's fearless, she can and will drive anything, she's classy and she's polished. How can a driver of her caliber and professionalism be without a ride?
OK, so I'm a big Warren Johnson fan. I love his attitude and the fact that he drives and tunes the car. So I go up to him, tell him this, and ask if I can take a photo. Without missing a beat he says, " It's your camera." But notice that he stands there and waits, with a wry little smile. He's a good guy, and I'm hoping he starts doing better.
I've spoken to Jeg Jr. a few times now, and as I've said before, this guy is about as hard-core a racer as there is. He'll go from a national event where he's in his Pro Stock to a big dollar bracket race.

As Jeg was waiting for me to shoot this, I told him that I was so busy covering the event that I didn't know how everyone was qualifying. I asked how he was doing, and he said, "We're good, we're safe." Ten minutes later, he gets bumped out of the show. I must be the kiss of death.

Manufacturers Midway
V. Gaines
Ronnie Humphrey, who I've gotten to know as the owner of Coastal Plains Dragway in Jacksonville, NC.
The guy driving the tow cart is waving, but the guy on the back and Rodger Brogdon are just staring me down.
Mike Edwards
One of the most interesting Sportsman classes to watch is Comp Eliminator. If you follow it the way I do, then you'll probably know these two drivers: on the left is Steve Szupka from Willow Grove, PA, driver of Frank Aragona's G/EA Econo Altered. On the right is Charlie Greco from Berwyn, PA, standing in front of his L/AA Cobalt.
Top Fuel's coming back on the track, so we'll leave it here with this shot of Rit Pustari.

That's a wrap for Part II. Part III is now published and continues with Saturday's Pro and Sportsman coverage. Click below to continue...

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