A Weekend With the Hanna Motorsports Professional Jet Drag Racing Team
Now it's up to Ken and Rich to wow the crowd with the smoke and fire that the jet cars are famous for. It's really something to see the crowds gather as they hear the jet engines spool up.
Light the afterburners and go! The chutes come out and everyone breathes a sigh of relief that everything went fast, straight and safe.

They make the turn...
...the bodies come up...

...and Rich and Ken congratulate each other on making a great side-by-side run.

Next it's the Queen Of Diamond's turn at the track. Al pushes the car back into position. After getting the car lit up, Al and the crew jump in the tow vehicle and leave The Queen to her business.

Jill gets the crowd going with a great smoke and fire show...
...and then stages the car and literally blasts off.

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