A Weekend With the Hanna Motorsports Professional Jet Drag Racing Team
Jill on the throttle and then on the chutes.
She makes the turn and Al is there to congratulate her on a great run.

Back at the pit, the cars arrive from their runs.
The work's not done, as the cars have to get ready for their next runs of the day.

The cars were barely back in the pit and the fans just descended on the drivers for autographs. There's Ken in the background, and Rich with a couple of young fans.

Manufacturers Midway
I could tell that this is the favorite part of the day for Rich, Ken and Jill. They love interacting with the fans.

Look at the mob scene these cars generate!
The fans stayed for a long time, looking at the cars and talking with the drivers. This was a great weekend for me; I had such a good time seeing how a professional team works, and how important it is for all of us racers to interact with and engage fans. Take note racers, we can all be ambassadors for our sport. To learn more about Hanna Motorsports and to see the team's schedule, visit www.HannaMotorsportsJets.com. Thanks for stopping by!

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Photos and text: The Dragtime News
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