Mid Atlantic .90 Association Awards Dinner / February 18, 2017
Mid Atlantic Super Comp Association: 1st Place Chase Fahnestock, 2nd Place Tom Slater (not pictured), 3rd Place Danny Bisbano (not pictured), 4th Place Ash Senft and 5th Place Jack Donnelly (not pictured).
Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association: 1st Place Don Knoblick, 2nd Place Don Miller, 3rd Place George Smith, 4th Place Mike Lang and 5th Place Hank Smith
Mid Atlantic Super Street Association: 1st Place Keith Mayers, 2nd Place Kelli Barbato, 3rd Place Rick Mattioli, 4th Place Martin Ganjoin and 5th Place Dom Burgese (not pictured).
MASCA Champion Chase Fahnestock, MASGA Champion Don Knoblick and MASSA Champion Keith Mayers.

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