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Ken Moses in the far lane had a slight advantage at the 'Tree over Tom Oliver in the near lane, but as you can see Oliver got there first. Sometimes getting there first is bad, m'kay?
Super Stock, Round 1: Larry Miller on a comp single
Lincoln Morehead on a comp single.
Byron Worner. Yup, comp single

Aaannnd, Jeff Tripp on a comp single.
Brian Stianchi, not a comp single. Brian went so ballistic red that Donald Belles was nowhere near him.

Douglas Linke in the near lane over Mike Papp, who also went very red

Bob Cupp in the near lane wins with a .140 light as Bob Brinkman in the Corvette also goes mighty red

What a head-scratcher this was: here's Gary Richard breaking out and losing as his opponent Richard Kay was still sitting back there on the starting line. Yup, Kay moves on to Round 2.
Brittany Boltz in the far lane had a great .018 light and didn't need it against a red-lighting Bill Marshall. For those keeping score at home, we haven't had a real race yet this round...

...until now. Mike Skinner in the far lane had a nice .026 light against Kevin Panzino, but it was no match for Panzino's .000 / 2-over package.
Joe Lisa in the near lane throws it in Park but it isn't enough to take a win over Eric Bardekoff
Now THIS is a close bracket race: Mike Ficacci in the near lane is .004 / three over against Bob Letellier's .011 / three over.
Jim Daniels in the near lane breaks out against Mike Letellier's dead-on-8 pass.
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