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Tom Goldman in the Corvette .004s Richard Grenier back to the trailer
Matt Schurman in the far lane had a big advantage over Chris Depascale and turns it into a win
Francis Ross in the far lane had a slight advantage over Scott Albrecht and runs 1 over for the win against Albrecht's 1 under breakout.
Dan Northrop in the near lane over Larry Edwards in a double-breakout

Jason Kenny in the near lane also wins a double-breakout against Ray Balian
Mac Starks Jr. wins this one by having the 'Tree and keeping it on the positive side to Iggie Boicesco's breakout.

Look who showed up at the tope-end: Dave Rieff and Mike Dunn
Ralph Musi in the far lane also wins with a better light and a positive run vs. John Maggiulli's breakout

It probably looked good from Maggiulli's seat, and when the win light didn't come on it had to be one of those "dammi!" moments

One of the benefits of doing what I do is I've become acquainted with various people in the sport, including Dave. He's an awfully nice guy. The few times I've met Mike Dunn, he too has been extremely nice and personable.

Rich Price in the far lane threw away a dead-on-5 run by going .006 red against a 2-over Dale Koncen
John Labbous, Jr. in the far lane had a slight advantage at the 'Tree agains John Maggiulli, Jr. and wins it when Johnny Maggs breaks out.
This one was also a bit of a head-scratcher: here's Keith Mayers, who was .020 at the 'Tree against Joe Gallucci, Jr's .168. Mayers loses on a double-breakout. He must've been fooled by Gallucci's 167 speed.
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