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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Raceway Park regular Ed Franks, Sr. (left) clowning around with Raceway Park's W.P.
Pro ET is in the lanes for its last time shot. Here's NJ Mopar racer Bill Parson in the '69 Dart.
The Liftec Forklifts Camaro of Rick Mattioli

It's focus time for James Young
NJ's Mike Beck lights up his 'Bird of Prey

NJ's Chris Gonier in the ultra-clean '69 Firebird
Another clean machine is the '66 Nova of NJ's Justin McGough

Who in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast doesn't know this car and driver? It's Ed Franks' "Franks Family" Nova driven by Bob Mullaney.

NJ's Vinny Guido in the clean lil red pick-em-up.
Steve VanCraeynest
PA's Paul Northrop

NJ's Brian Mullaney wheeling the Camaro of NY racer Joe Morena
Andrew Bracuto
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