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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Joe Gallucci (far) and Brian Casper
Gary Carbone (near) and Lori Schapiro
Peter Biondo (near) and Richard Leone
Stephen Terkildsen (near) and George Bolano

Steve Everett Sr. (near) and Ralph DeBruin
Jamie Dymond (near) and Peter Chiaramonte

Billy Duhs (near) and Chris Trela
Robert Leipziger (near) and Lenny Bucher

James DiCiacco (near) and Michael Capasso

Greg Kelley (far) and Dom Balducci
Mike Lubniewski (near) trying to stay away from Johnny Gulliford
Bob Gloria (near) and James Moshier
Dan Northrop (near) and Richie Williams

The "Long-Distance Award / Spectator Edition" goes to Kevin LeBlanc, who was at Etown all the way from Belle Rose, LA! Next to him is his daughter Brooklyn, who races Jr. Dragster at State Capital Raceway and No Problem Raceway.
Dave Harvey Jr. on the run as Mike Christie waits his turn
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