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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Franks Family Racing Nova
Mike Beck
The low-slung footbrake Camaro of Steven VanCraeynest
The "Long-Distance Award / Racer Edition" goes to New Hampshire Super Street and Super Pro racer Scott Curtis.

Bob Gloria
Pro ET, Round 1: Jeff Scriffignano in the Monte Carlo on the run from Brian Ecks in the Camaro

Denny Maclosky in the S-10 and Chuck render in the Nova
Another S-10, this one of Mike Christie, gunning down the patriotic Camaro of Kevin Freiberg

Tight at the stripe: the Camaros of Steven VanCraeynest (far) and Roy Kinslow

The racers know where the action is: at the fence near the stripe!
John Iacono (far) and Vinnie Guido.
Bob Mullaney (far) and Paul Northrop
Chris Gonier in the early-'Bird and Mike Beck in the blue-'Bird.

James Young and Dave Harvey Jr.
Racers, for the last time: aeriel spotters are not allowed!
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