Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2017
Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge
At The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge, the next generation of racing industry stars battle to tear down and reassemble engines in timed competition. Teams participated at competitions across the United States to qualify for this year’s Dual Championship, which is held jointly at the SEMA and PRI shows, with the top four teams from the SEMA Show competing against the top four teams from the PRI Trade Show for the National Championship. Hot Rodders Scholarship partners (SAMS, UNOH, OTC and UTI) will be giving away over $3.8 million in scholarship opportunities at this year’s Dual Championship! There's plenty of action and fun as these young people compete for scholarship money and recognition from the industry.
Thursday, December 7, 2017: The PRI Happy Hour
On my way to the Thursday night PRI Happy Hour!

There's even racing...
... and a band!
...and two-fisting is the norm.
Always service with a smile!
The free beer and appetizers gets a big thumbs-up.

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