Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2017
Powermaster Performance
The good folks at Powermaster Performance always have great new items to keep you charged up. In the upper right, our friend J.R. is modeling their nice, brandy-new catalog. In the lower left is their new DENSO Style Race-Prepped alternator with true one-wire hookup and output of 35 amp at idle and 75 amp top end. Available in 12v, 16v and XS Volt (which allows for adjustable voltage between 13.5v and 18.5 volts). This is Powermaster's smallest and lightest unit. In the lower right is their AD Style Race Prepped unit. This bad boy is a 165 amp unit which puts out 100 amp at idle and 165 amp at top end. It has dual internal fans for superior cooling. Visit
PRI Gear
I make sure to buy something every year at the PRI Gear booth. They always have a cool selection of shirts, hats and jackets, all very tastefully done, and you get service with a smile! You can buy the gear online at

I've been using parts from PROFORM Parts on the Dragtime Dodge for years and since then I've gotten to know the folks at the company quite well. I always love the enthusiasm they bring to the PRI Show, along with their cool new products. In the upper left, Booth Platt is showing us their new Variable Speed High-Performance Fan Controller (p/n 69596). This controller will maintain consistent engine temps while reducing fan wear & tear and noise. It's available for both single- and dual-fan set-ups. In the upper right is their popular collector bolts with Wedge Locking feature. These bolts have super-hard cam-locking washers which prevent the bolts from vibrating loose. The bottom photos shows their new Billet Aluminum Slim Wireless 7,000 lb. Vehicle Scale System. It has Bluetooth connectivity and the company is even working on an app for the unit which will be available sometime in 2018. Visit for more info.
Pro-Tec System /
Race Garages
One of the more eye-opening conversations I had at PRI was with, makers of the Pro-Tec Trailer Alarm System. Racers, have you noticed more and more people on Facebook sharing about stolen trailers? It's not just the racecars they're after, sometimes it's the trailer itself to be used by smugglers and even survivalists who bury the trailer as a kind of underground bunker! That's where the Pro-Tec Trailer Alarm System comes into play. This system monitors the trailer and its contents by using a built-in accelerometer and door pins. If anyone tries to move the trailer or open a door, the piercing siren goes off, the running lights flash and the electric brakes are applied, and can even send you a text message if desired. That trailer ain't going nowhere! Visit
This was a neat item at the show. Race Garages manufactures inflatable garages that are air-fed with an included blower. These not only gives your pit area shade and security but also keeps you out of the weather. Many options available and each unit is custom designed by you. According to the company's website, "These can be set up in less than 15 minutes by a child." (So that's what, like maybe 20 minutes for us racers?) Visit their website at

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