Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2017
Scenes of the 2017 PRI Show
In my opinion the best new feature of the 2017 PRI Show was the Featured Product Showcase, which was a dedicated room in the convention center that had select products in display cases. Upon entering the room you're given a scanner. Just scan the barcodes of the products in which you're interested and you'll receive an email with info about the products. Pretty cool!
A nice HEMI powerplant.
Uhh.... ok then.

Advanced Product Design
Advanced Product Design had these two sharp pieces at PRI. Shown above left is one of their blow-through carburetors for use in Procharger applications. Shown at the right is the Max Speed throttle stop, which mounts within the carb's linkage. The benefit is that this maintains the signal on the idle and intermediate circuits which helps the motor recover when coming off the stop, as opposed to an under-the-carb stop which shuts off the signal to the whole carb. Visit
Altronics Performance Electronics
Altronics had their full line of Performaire weather stations on display as well as their new Powerlite Pro Series lithium 16V batteries. Powerlite batteries are super lightweight with ultra high cranking power. The Pro Series feature a full control battery management system to provide under/over charge and short-circuit protection along with balanced/storage charging. Visit for more info.
ATI Performance Products
ATI Performance Products always displays a wide variety of their innovative race products at PRI. This year the Baltimore, MD-based company was showing its bolt-together and bolt-together lock-up torque converters (upper right) which allows racers to easily change stators or pumps for different applications or conditions as well as being able to easily clean and inspect the internals. In the lower left is the company's T-400 lock-up components. In the lower right, ATI's JC Beattie, Jr. is showing one of their new Vasco Powerglide gear sets with Vasco main shaft. ATI's Vasco main shafts are 75% stronger than 4340 and 20% stronger than 300M. ATI's Vasco shafts are available for Powerglide, T400, and 4L80E/4L85E transmissions. Visit ATI Performance Products at

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