27th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2015
Meziere Enterprises
Meziere Enterprises makes cooling system parts and accessories, flexplates and starters. Here's Don Meziere introducing their new billet Powerglide transmission pan that includes built-in water cooling passages so you can cool the trans even in the pits when the car isn't running! Cool! (see what I did there?). Visit www.meziere.com.
Powermaster Performance
Powermaster Performance builds a wide range of starters, alternators, and Powergens for all types of domestic vehicles, including adjustable voltage alternators weighing less than 6 pounds. At PRI they were showing a new 150 amp alternator for Fords as shown by JR on Dragtime TV News. It fits all bracketry from 1963 - 1993 and includes an adjustable regulator. Visit www.powermastermotorsports.com.
Hoosier Racing Tire
Hoosier Racing Tire was showing off their full line of drag slicks, including this massive 17/36-16. Visit www.hoosiertire.com.
Stroud Safety

Our friends at Stroud Safety have one of the more important booths at PRI. While most companies at the show have products that can help you go fast, Bob Stroud's products can help keep you alive if things go wrong.

Stroud Safety's products include drag chutes, fire suppression systems, fire suits, personal restraint systems, window netting, and general racing and shop accessories.

They also have products for drag strips, as Bob himself explains on Dragtime TV News. Stroud's new Track Safety Package includes barrier and catch nets, crew fire suits, fire blankets, tow straps and even training.

Visit www.stroudsafety.com.

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