27th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2015
Holley EFI
Remember when Holley was just a carburetor company? Now they own, like, everybody and make EFI (that looks like a carburetor). They were showing their HP EFI 4bbl Multi-Port Fuel Injection Systems. Visit www.holley.com.
Driven Racing Oil
Hey, flat tappet racers (like me): don't use lame street oils in your solid cam race motors! Use the good stuff (like I do). I use the Driven HR oil in the Dodge. Check out their website at www.drivenracingoil.com and click the link for Training Center to to get schooled on oil. Oh yeah, they have a line of high-quality fuel additives, too.
Kooks Headers and Exhaust
Kooks Headers and Exhaust provides headers and complete exhaust systems for street, race and off-road applications. All Kooks products are handcrafted in the USA. In addition, Kooks also offers Mig and Tig Welding, Robotic Welding, CNC Mandrel bending and CAD Design Work. Visit www.kooksheaders.com.
GM Performance
At the GM Performance booth with more engine porn: an aluminum block & heads COPO 427, NHRA-rated at 430 hp (wink wink...)
Portable Shade
Air Lift
I'm not sure why anybody would think a company called Portable Shade only provides portable shade. In addition, they also supply banners, flags, furniture and team clothing. Silly me. Visit www.portable-shade.com.
Air Lift manufactures air helper springs for trucks, RVs, SUVs, CUVs and vans, and on-board air compressor systems for on-the-go air spring control. Check them out at www.airliftcompany.com.
Battery Saver
DRC Race Products
You can't light up win lights if you can't light up your engine due to a dead battery. Battery Saver has a whole host of battery charger and battery maintainer solutions, and now's the time to get them, in the winter when our cars are sitting. Visit www.saveabattery.com.
DRC Race Products provides a bunch of useful products and services for racers, including engine cradles, extra long bellhousing dowel pins, and motorhome hitch kits. Visit drcraceproducts.com.
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