27th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2015
Canton Racing Products
Canton Racing Products makes a variety of oil system parts and accessories such as oil pans, oil system kits and accessories and Accusump Oil Accumulators. Visit www.cantonracingproducts.com.
PowerMist Fuels and Additives
Anze Suspension
PowerMist specializes in racing fuels, lubricants and additives such as their Nitro line of oxygenating fuel additives. Visit www.powermist.com for more info.
Although known primarily for their road race suspension components, Anze Suspension also has drag race kits for late-model American muscle. Visit www.anzeengineering.com.
CoolShirt Systems
CoolShirt Systems has products that racers in hot climates should definitely be checking out. CoolShirt personal cooling systems help people manage body heat in extreme environments. Products include Drag Pack Vest and even S.F.I. 33-rated 2Cool Water Shirt. Visit coolshirt.com.
Crower is one of the leading aftermarket producers of high performance crankshafts, camshafts and valve train components. They were displaying their Enduro and Lightweight line of cranks at PRI. See more at www.crower.com.
K&N might be best known for their high performance air intake systems, but they also make carbon fiber dragster intake scoops as shown on their display, along with filters for them. Visit www.knfilters.com/automotive_performance.aspx.
Pit Pal Products
OK racers, any of us who use enclosed trailers should absolutely be checking out the items from Pit Pal Products. They've got almost every imaginable storage solution to maximize space and efficiency in your trailer. Visit www.pitpal.com.
World Products
World Products had their Merlin III iron BBC block on display. This high-density cast-iron block has expanded water jackets, priority main oiling and can be bored to 4.625. Deck heights are 9.800" or 10.200" and accepts standard BBC components. Visit worldproducts.net.
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