26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2014
Auto Meter

Auto Meter was showing their Pro Comp dashes and new Ultimate III and Ultimate DL tachs, which Auto Meter's Marc Erickson discusses in the video. For more information visit www.autometer.com. The Ultimate tachs include a 5" face and are available in either black or silver, and to either 9,000 RPM or 11,000 rpm.

Weld Wheels
Weld Wheels had a nice, shiny assortment of their racing wheels, including this cool-looking black Draglite (above, right). This would look smoking hot on the Dragtime Dodge. Visit www.WeldWheels.com.
For years, Flowmaster has been in the business of making drag strips quieter without sacrificing performance, and a big part of that are the company's Outlaw and Outlaw II mufflers. The Outlaw II collector mufflers (above, right) are designed to attach directly to the exhaust header primary tubes of race headers. They're compact and ideal for applications where minimal sound reduction is required, but a muffler rule is in effect. Visit www.flowmastermufflers.com.
Kinsler Fuel Injection

Who doesn't love seeing eight injector stacks sticking through the hood, especially on a nostalgia drag car? Many of those are from Kinsler Fuel Injection, who manufactures mechanical and electric fuel injection systems and components for all types of racing and performance applications. Visit www.Kinsler.com.

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