26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2014
Moroso Performance Products

Our friends at Moroso Performance Products are always busy throughout the year coming out with lots of products for us racers. In the video, Moroso's Scott Hall and Thor Schroeder walk us through some of the new offerings from Moroso, including new billet aluminum valve covers, alternator kill switch shutdown solenoid, oil pan gaskets, electric water pump adaptor kit for using a Moroso electric water pump with a Jesel belt drive, and pre-fabbed spring perches. Visit www.Moroso.com to see all of their new products.

Indy Cylinder Head

What we have here thanks to Indy Cylinder Head is engine porn for Chrysler racers. If the supercharged 426" small-block with 860 hp doesn't get you going, then maybe the tunnel-rammed big-block will give you a pulse. Visit www.IndyHeads.com.

Keizer Wheels

Keizer Wheels had some seriously good-looking wheels on display. Keizer makes aluminum wheels for all types of racing including drag. Visit www.keizerwheels.com.

Taylor Cable Products
Taylor manufactures ignition wires, battery cables, wiring harnesses, vertex magnetos and other high performance ignition components. They had a full assortment of their colored wires on display including their 8mm Pro series, 9mm Fire Power series and 10.4 mm 409 series wires. To see their complete line visit www.taylorvertex.com.
AED Carburetors

Man, look at these huge mother-honkers from AED Competition Fuel Systems! I've known AED for years because I run one of their 850 double-pumpers on the Dodge, so I was real interested in what they'd have at PRI. The red carb is their G-4 Series Ultra Dominator for gas, alcohol or E-85 applications. The G-4 features available throttle bore sizes from 2" - 2.4". The blue carb is their G-5 Series Billet Dominator, with available throttle bore sizes of 2.2" - 2.6". Like the G-4, the G-5 can also be set-up for gas, alcohol or E-85. Visit www.aedperformance.com.

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