26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2014
Quick Fuel Technology
Quick Fuel Technology was showing their new & improved QfT 427 fuel pump. This 427 gph pump is suited to feeding motors of 800 - 2500 hp and is compatible with gas, alcohol and E-85. See the entire product line at www.QuickfuelTechnology.com.
Crower used this cool display to show their line of cams, valve train gear, connecting rods and crankshafts. For more information visit www.crower.com.
MS Racing Components
Another very interesting product comes from MS Racing Components. Their VVT Unlocker for GM Gen-IV and Gen-V V8s enables easy piston-to-valve clearance measurements on these engines that utilize variable valve timing (VVT). The VVT Unlocker replaces the OEM cam gear phaser valve bolt during cam degreeing and clearance measurements. Compressed air is then used to unlock the VVT cam phaser, making piston-to-valve measurements possible. More info can be found at www.MSRacingComponents.com.

Those of you who have multiple trailers or who have shops where racers drop off their race car in their trailer, unhook and go, the Airtug is for you. Instead of using another vehicle to hook up to the trailer just to move it around a bit, the Airtug allows you to push or pull the trailer easily and without needing a vehicle. A number of varieties and capacities are available. Visit www.Airtug.com for more info.

RAM Clutches

RAM Clutches was on hand showing their line of performance clutches for street/strip and drag racing. The RAM single iron clutch assembly is an economical choice for racers from Stock eliminator to fast street. The 5135 compound sintered iron disc allows the clutch to work, or 'slip' as needed in order to get the vehicle to launch smoothly without overpowering the tires. Visit www.ramclutches.com.

Cylinder Head Innovations
Cylinder Head Innovations is an Australian company that delivers cylinder heads and manifolds, with proven quality and performance, available anywhere in the world. They do have a U.S. location in Mississippi so you can contact them without the big time-zone difference. www.chiheads.com.au.
Aeromotive Fuel Systems

Aeromotive was showing their Dual Phantom in-tank stealth pump system for stock gas tanks. The Dual Phantom features two 340lph pumps, an additional set of electrical bulkheads, and a larger capacity foam and bladder. The dual pumps can support big power while remaining OE quiet. Separate electrical bulkheads allow for an “on demand” fuel system, which reduces the amount of returned fuel and reduces the tank temperature. Visit aeromotiveinc.com.

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