26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2014
Stroud Safety

Our friends at Stroud Safety were showing their complete line of safety gear including fire extinguisher systems, fire suits like the Athena which is tailored specifically for women, and their new 14.2 Blower Plate System which Bob Stroud demonstrates in the video. Visit www.StroudSafety.com for more info.

MSD Performance

MSD Performance had a huge presence at PRI, where the company's Power Grid system was a big hit last year and this. Here MSD's Silver Gomez discusses the Power Grid with attendees. One of the newer members of the Power Grid family is the Power Grid 3-Stage Delay Timer. The 3-Stage Delay Timer, PN 7760, provides Power Grid users the ability to finely control the activation of three independent circuits via relay, such as a nitrous solenoid or an air shifter. Each stage can be programmed to turn on and off based on the time after the launch or through engine rpm or both.

The company also had their full line of start retards, multi retards and 2-steps on display. Visit www.msdignition.com.

Earl's Performance Plumbing

Earl's Performance Plumbing was showing their new 460 GPH billet fuel filters. These in-line filters are CNC machined from billet aluminum and feature a black anodized body for a clean, modern look. Available in 10, 40 and 100 micron ratings. Visit www.earls.com.

PerTronix Performance Products
PerTronix is known as a market leader in the electronic performance ignition industry. The company was displaying their new Flame-Thrower HEI-III. This ignition module includes integrated multi-spark discharge thru red line plus an adjustable digital rev limiter. Typical HEI modules clamp peak current resulting in excessive heat buildup in the module and coil. The HEI-III module has an advanced active dwell control. This feature monitors engine RPM and adjusts the dwell angle to reach peak current just prior to spark, keeping the module and coil cooler. HEI III modules use the original form factor which guarantees a perfect fit. Visit www.pertronix.com.
Hooker Headers
Hooker Headers had a whole display of headers for new Camaro, new Mustang, and complete LS swap systems. For more info visit www.hookerheaders.com.
Fuel Coupe Magazine

Those of you who just can't get enough nostalgia funny car should check out Kenny Youngblood's Fuel Coupe magazine at www.FuelCoupe.com.

Edelbrock always brings a large assortment of their products to PRI and this year was no different. Visit www.Edelbrock.com.

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