25th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Orlando FL, December 2012
The Show Floor
Now it was time to get down to business. We walked the show floor, being on the lookout for the products geared toward us sportsman and bracket racers. The booths were busy and the aisles were crowded, all good signs at a trade show.
Jon Kaase Racing Engines Jamar Performance Products
Jon Kaase Racing Engines was on hand. Kaase is mostly known for Fords, but offers other engines as well. Visit www.jonkaaseracingengines.com.
Jamar Performance Products was displaying their line of brake and steering components. Visit www.jamarperformance.com.
Eagle Specialty Products

Eagle Specialty Products had their full line of rods and cranks on display at PRI.

Cast cranks, forged cranks, H-beam and I-beam rods are available, as well as rotating assemblies and stroker kits.

Visit www.eaglerod.com for more information

Portatree-Moroso Performance Products
One of the most innovative products we saw at the show is this new Electronic Switch Panel, developed jointly by Portatree Timing Systems and Moroso Performance Products. This product makes it easy to rewire your race car and will bring a whole new level of driver information and control to your fingertips. It will alert you if an accessory such as a fan or water pump has failed; this could save your motor if the accessory has failed mid-run. You can instantly reassign an accessory to a different circuit via prompts in the software.

A major safety feature is a full-system-kill that will shut off the entire vehicle if it hasn't returned to a closed-throttle position at the end of the run (as in the case of an unconcsious driver or a hung throttle). The system also monitors oil pressure, fuel pressure, 4 nitrous circuits, and electrical usage on 10 circuits, and disables the starter when the engine is running above a user defined RPM. Watch the video above; I'm sure you'll be as floored as I was. For more information, visit www.PortaTree.com or www.Moroso.com.

Rocksolid Floors Remflex Exhaust Gaskets
Mike McAllister of Rocksolid Floors with the company's full line of polyurea floor coating systems. Learn more at www.rocksolidfloors.com.
Rem and Alan of Remflex Exhaust Gaskets, which are thick gaskets that crush to seal against imperfect surfaces and not leak. Rem is holding #2065 for Chevy D-port heads and #2066 for Chevy LS7/LS9/L98; Alan is holding #6022 for new Hemi 6.1 and #3069 for 5.0 Ford Coyote. Visit www.remflex.com.
JE Pistons
JE Pistons was on hand with, you guessed it, their full line of JE and SRP pistons. But what you probably didn't know is that the company has just introduced its brand-new line of JE Pro Seal head gaskets, as shown here by JE's Alan Stevenson. These gaskets feature a proprietary coating process that provides an ultimate seal between the head and block. For more information, visit www.jeproseal.com.

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