25th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Orlando FL, December 2012
ATI Performance Products
ATI Performance Products' new T400 SuperCase took center stage at their booth at PRI, after having been awarded Best New Performance Racing Product at this year's SEMA show. This heavy-duty 356-T6 cast aluminum case meets SFI 4.1 specs, so you won't need to run a shield or blanket. Accepts OEM pans and extension housings. CNC-machined minimum-depth valve body passages result in extremely fast transbrake releases and quicker shifts. Learn more in the video above and on ATI's T400 SuperCase page on their website.
Wizard Cooling

At the Wizard Cooling booth, owner Scott Attig described how racers can have 13 different fan/shroud combos per radiator. All Wizard Cooling radiators are made in the U.S.A, and no epoxy is used in their cores.

Wizard Cooling has over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom, performance radiators and cooling packages for auto enthusiasts of all kinds.

For more information, visit www.wizardcooling.com.

McLeod Racing

Here's NHRA Funny Car driver and McLeod Racing owner Paul Lee holding the company's new Line Launch clutch-release system for drag race applications.

With the McLeod Line Launch the racer depresses the clutch pedal to the desired position for release and then by activating a switch locks the clutch in place. Simply let the switch go to release the clutch and launch the car for a quicker reaction time.

For cars equipped with an existing roll control device, McLeod’s new Two Stage Button is available. Using their Two Stage Button in conjunction with the Line Launch and the existing roll control device, the racer can release both the brake and clutch at the same time. Says Paul, "Products like the Line Launch give McLeod drag racing stick shift customers the competitive edge they need at the track.“

For more information about this and all McLeod Racing products, visit www.McLeodRacing.com.

Proform Parts
Booth Platt of Proform Parts is proudly displaying their innovative new wedge-locking header bolts. According to Proform's website, "Each PROFORM® Grade 8 Header Bolt is permanently assembled with a pair of special washers. When the bolt is torqued to 28+ ft-lbs, the washers’ super-hardened external teeth bite into and grip the bottom of the bolt head and the top surface of the header." Learn more about these and other Proform parts at www.proformparts.com


BRODIX introduced their new BP SR 20 cylinder head at PRI. The SR 20 is at the cutting edge of conventional big block Chevy compatible technology.

The SR 20 utilizes a .500” raised 440 cc intake port with a 2.400 intake valve; this head flows 507 cfm. The exhaust port flows 335 cfm through only a 1.800 valve. To allow for the newly designed 95 cc combustion chamber, the intake valve angle of this head has been rolled to 20 degrees. This head requires pistons, valve covers, head studs, shaft rockers, and an intake manifold designed specifically for the SR 20.

For more information, visit www.Brodix.com.


Shown here is COMP Cams' Chris Douglas with their award-winning new 4-Pattern Camshaft. Winner of "Best New Street Performance Product" at SEMA, the all new COMP® 4-Pattern Camshafts are designed to optimize valve events based on runner length and feature a large increase in area under the curve and stability at high RPM.

4-Pattern Cams can net you 1000+ RPM over other hydraulic rollers and anywhere from 5-20+ horsepower peak to peak, depending on cylinder head flow. 4-Pattern Cams feature four different lobe patterns, with one intake and exhaust design for outboard runners, and another intake and exhaust design for the inboard runners.

While the four inboard cylinders are all the same grinds, the outboard exhaust openings are two degrees earlier, with outboard intake closings coming two degrees later. For more information visit www.compcams.com

Pit Pal Products NHRA
Pit Pal Products was displaying their line of quality aluminum products to get you organized and improve your work space including cabinets, shelves, brackets, hangers, holders, tables, steps & more. Visit www.PitPal.com.
The National Hot Rod Association always has a large presence at The PRI Show.

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