25th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Orlando FL, December 2012
Harland Sharp

We stopped by the Harland Sharp booth and spoke with Mike Becker. To the right Mike is holding Harland Sharp's billet steel rockers.

Below Mike is pointing to the offset pushrod cup in these small-block Chevy rockers. Having the pushrod cup offset allows the rockers to be mounted more parallel to each other. This can eliminate premature valveguide wear from using angled rockers.

Look closely at the photo below/right. The two sets of rockers to the right have the offset pushrod cups, while the two sets to the left have centered cups which mean they need to be angled to position the pushrod correctly. Visit www.HarlandSharp.com for more info.

Crower had their full line of bottom-end and valvetrain products on display, including their cranks, rods and camshafts. See them all at www.Crower.com.
Optima Batteries

Ryan Hoffins of Optima Batteries will tell you that all of those nice parts on your race car don't mean a thing if the car won't start. Ryan is standing behind Optima's new Digital 400 Charger/Maintainer, and shown on the table is their Digital 1200 charger.

The Digital 400 ensures a simple set up process with pre-charge battery status display mode. It also provides a backlit hybrid LED/LCD display for charging, maintaining and fault mode indication. The unit gauge displays battery charging (fill) rate with charger mode and fault messages. Finally, LED indicators prompt users for quick and easy selection of charge and maintain profiles by battery type including AGM and standard flooded batteries.

The Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger enhances the performance of OPTIMA and other AGM batteries, recovers deeply discharged batteries and extends battery life. It also features a full text LCD display for charging, maintaining and fault mode indication. With a gauge that displays battery charging and fill rate with charger mode and fault messages.

Visit www.OptimaBatteries.com for more information.

The Cars of the 2012 PRI Show
The Performance Racing Industry Show is all about the performance industry, so naturally the cars take center stage on the show floor along with the exhibits. Here's a random sampling of the cars at this year's show.

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