26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2013
Mark Williams Enterprises

The Gen5 COPO Camaro has quickly become a terror on the dragstrip. Now Mark Williams Enterprises has introduced this trick front brake kit and low-drag lightweight hub which Mark himself unveiled at PRI.

The brake kit features Slot-Drive(™) disc attachment system manufactured from rust-resistant stainless steel. This design allows components to thermally expand and contract without creating warping stress common in other systems. This precision kit features heat-treated light weight alloy rotors. Optional lightening holes reduce rotating weight and create a fresh friction surface on the brake pads ensuring optimal stopping surfaces. All brackets and bushings are made from top grade aircraft aluminum alloy and feature a gold finish. The MW brake kit maintains the original track width to preserve the original steering geometry. The brake kit features four-piston MW calipers with internal porting. Caliper design features an extra strong 7/16” bridge bolt, far superior to calipers with 3/8 fasteners.

The hub is designed for maximum weight savings and reduction of drag, this unit features triple low drag bearings, an aircraft aluminum housing, and a lightened, heat treated aircraft alloy hub. Watch the video to see Mark discuss the brake kit and hub. For more info visit www.markwilliams.com.

Taylor Motorsports Products

Dennis Taylor of Taylor Motorsports with one of their SFI firesuits. Taylor Motorsports can custom-produce a firesuit to your specs. Visit www.taylormotorsports.com for more info.

Now THIS is a cool product from Permatex: RTV Silicone Dissolver. Racers, we've all been there: trying to remove RTV silicone using a scraper, grinder, etc. It gets some of it off but not all of it, and you can damage the flange surface in the process. This Permatex RTV Silicone Dissolver is the ticket. It dissolves RTV silicone in a matter of minutes. Visit www.Permatex.com.

COMP Cams debuted their new Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters at PRI. These are offered in two configurations: traditional needle bearing axle or optional bronze bushing axle. Each design includes two pressurized EDM oil feeds to the axle. Constructed of premium 8620 steel, these lifters utilize a tapered and slotted link bar tower for reduced weight. The best part is they're rebuildable! Available for big and small Chevy, big Chrysler, and big and small Ford. Visit www.COMPCams.com for more information.
Man, Holley is not messing around! This is Holley's Bill Tichenor proudly displaying their Ultra Dominator with new Gen 3 main body. This beast is available up to 1,475 CFM! The air entries are noticeably larger and more contoured than previous versions, and the Ultra Dominator features calibrations that are optimized for today's larger engines and new fuels. Some of the other features include a drain plug in the bowls, making for neater and easier jet changes, and clear Pyrex sight windows on both sides of the bowls. The rest of the features of the Ultra Dominator are vast and too many to list here, so visit Holley at www.holley.com.
Robbie Ward of MagnaFuel with a sampling of their product line at The PRI Show. Visit www.MagnaFuel.com.
Crane Cams
Ross Racing Pistons

Crane Cams was displaying their line of valvetrain components. For info visit www.CraneCams.com.

Ross Racing Pistons had their full line on display at PRI. Learn more at www.RossPistons.com.

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