26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2013
Moroso Performance Products
Moroso Performance Products always debuts many new items at the PRI Show. This year's new offerings include these sharp and sturdy alternator mounting brackets (upper right), this supercharger coolant tank for Shelby GT500, and their new billet valve cover as shown in the video by Moroso's Thor Schroeder. Visit www.Moroso.com.
Philadelphia Racing Products
Attention, racers! Now that the 2014 season is just around the corner and with it the new collector tether rule, if your headers have a removable collector you must install a header tether kit like this one I saw at the Philadelphia Racing Products booth. PRP's Tether Kit comes with stainless clamps in a wide range of sizes. Each tether comes with two machined aluminum ends that are equipped with a removable shoulder bolt so you can remove the tether without taking off the tube clamps. Tethers available in 10", 15" and 20" lengths. Visit www.PRPRacingProducts.com.
XS Battery

XS Power was displaying their 2AWG Dual Battery Wiring Kit that includes 2 gauge power and ground cables, terminals, clamps and accessories. They were also showing their 12v/14v/16v IntelliCharger. For more info visit 4xspower.com.

Brodix had a full assortment of their cylinder heads on display, including their new BB-3 Xtra Series. These heads are available out-of-the-box in either 345 cc or 363 cc, or CNC ported at 366 cc or 380 cc. The heads feature a raised valve cover rail and 24° valve angle. Visit www.Brodix.com.

Rocksolid Floors
RockSolid Floors had their new line of Diamond Coat high gloss / low odor coatings available in chip, metallic and color systems. Visit www.rocksolidfloors.com for more info.
Stroud Safety
In addition to their full assortment of restraints, trans blankets and other safety equipment, Stroud Safety debuted the Athena SFI-5 Firesuit that's specially designed for the woman racer. Extra room up top, curves along the sides, and pants with a waist line that falls in the proper place for ladies. Visit www.StroudSafety.com for more information.
Sanctioning Bodies
NHRA and IHRA had a nice, big presence at PRI. This is why I love going to PRI: lots of focus on drag racing which means lots of new drag products that I can report here to you.

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