26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2013
Hot Rod Tracker
ARP Fasteners

It seems like more and more lately I've seen announcements from racers on sites like Drag Race Results or Class Racer asking for help in locating a stolen race car or operation. Hot Rod Tracker can help you find your car quicker because it uses a unique Social Network Instant Notification Alert system. You can also set geo-fence alerts, so when the Tracker crosses whatever border you've set you'll be instantly notified. Visit www.HotRodTracker.net.

ARP, the world leader in fastener technology, had a whole display-full of new products at PRI. That's probably how they got to be the world leader in fastener technology. Some of their new items include head stud kits for Chevrolet Big Block Dart, for Chevrolet Big Block, Brodix SR20 and for Ford Motorsport Boss 302. Visit arp-bolts.com.

Prolong Super Lubricants
Prolong Super Lubricants manufactures lubricants (Engine Treatment, Engine Treatment Booster), fuel cleaners and treatments (Octane Power Boost, Fuel System Cleaner, Fuel Injector Cleaner) and appearance products (Waterless Wash & Shine, Super Protectant). On hand during Saturday for a meet & greet autograph session was 3X NHRA Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon. Visit www.Prolong.com.
Ferrea Racing Components
Ferrea Racing Components was showing their new Titanium Hollow Stem Valves. These valves can be custom manufactured to your specs. They include hardened tips and radial grooves, and weigh 10% less than solid titanium valves. Visit www.Ferrea.com for more info.
Indy Cylinder Head
This is for you, Chrysler racers. Indy Cylinder Head brought their behemoth, crate-engine 572" Super Street Hemi to PRI. This pump-gas monster puts out 770 hp @ 6,500 rpm and 700 lbs. torque at 5,200 rpm. It features a fully prepped MP iron siamese block, Eagle crank and rods, Diamond pistons, Indy 426/SR aluminum Hemi heads, a COMP Cams solid roller, and two Edelbrock 750 CFM carbs. See more at www.IndyHeads.com.
MSD Performance
MSD Performance brought new products to PRI, including the new Power Module (part # 7764) that's used as part of the MSD Power Grid System. Also new is the 7AL-3 Ignition Controller (part # 7330) being held by MSD Product Manager Silver Gomez. Some of the improvements include compatibility with 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines, a start retard that's adjustable via plug-in retard modules, and a surface mount assembly that reduces the number of internal components. For more information visit www.MSDPerformance.com.
Painless Performance Products

In addition to the informative Painless Wiring seminar I attended on Wednesday, the Painless booth had lots of cool items, like their dual-fan controller, Hot Shot Plus engine bump switch, Pro Street and Race wiring harnesses and switch panels. They also have these excellent installation instruction guides as held by Painless' Dennis Overholser. Even in the small photo you can see the large, easy-to-follow diagrams. Visit www.PainlessPerformance.com.

Quick Fuel Technology
Manley Performance

Bill Wetzel of Quick Fuel Technology holding one of their monster 4500-style carburetors This is their 4-circuit FX series, suited to Pro Mod, Top Sportsman/Dragster, and Pro Stock. Features extra high-speed and low-speed bleeds. Visit www.quickfueltechnology.com.

Manley Performance Products was showing their Platinum Series pistons. Visit www.manleyperformance.com.

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