26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2013
S&W Race Cars
S&W Race Cars was showing their Pro 500 Welded Rear Frame & Suspension System, available in 22", 24", 26" or 28" widths in mild steel or chrome-moly. S&W's Scott Weney describes the main features in the video. Visit www.swracecars.com.
Dart Machinery
Champion Brands

Dart Machinery was showing their high performance cylinder heads, engine blocks and intake manifolds for racing and for the street. Visit www.DartHeads.com.

Champion Brands had their assortment of lubricants on display. The company produces and blends over 300 products including fuel, oil, engine additives, and lubricants for the racing and other markets. Visit www.ChampionBrands.com.

Autometer / Dedenbear
Super Comp / Gas / Street racers: this is for you! AutoMeter was showing their Dedenbear STS-7 Stepper Throttle Stop System, an 8 stage movement stepper throttle stop (vs. 4 stages for a traditional stop). You can set the stop for any position, not just fully opened or fully closed. If tire spin coming off the stop at mid-track has been an issue, this stepper should do the trick.

It's controlled by the L-STS Controller (shown above right), where you can program in variable open and close speeds and stopping angles. It also has a new black background with white digital display for enhanced readability.

AutoMeter was also showing this LCD Race Dash (shown right) which includes integrated configurable warning indicators, super bright display, a button interface for driver input and menu navigation, and dual analog and digital gauge readouts for both accuracy and to see rate-of-change. Visit www.AutoMeter.com.

ProMAXX Performance Products
Nitrous Outlet

ProMAXX was showing their MAXX Series cylinder heads. These are available in 200cc SBC, 180cc SBC, 175cc SBF, and BB Chrysler. These heads are made with true A356 aluminum and come either bare or assembled. Visit www.ProMAXXPerformance.com.

Nitrous Outlet was showing their nitrous systems, parts, accessories and dedicated fuel systems for every application. Learn more about their full line at www.NitrousOutlet.com.


Edelbrock had a number of new products in display, including the DR17 CNC head (shown top left and right), the BV3 CNC head (shown above left) and a variety of LS products (above right).

The DR17 CNC for BB Chevy features a 0.400" raised intake port for precise alignment when using a tall-deck manifold on a standard deck block. Also includes a 17° valve angle. The BV3 CNC features a symmetrical port design and have more oil drain backs than traditional spread-port heads for improved oil flow and distribution.

The LS products include the new Super Victor LS3 Intake for LS GenIV w/LS3 heads. This intake is ideal for a 700+ hp carbureted or EFI racing engine operating between 3,500 - 7,500 rpm. The E-CNC LS3 head is a general purpose high-performance head for street/strip LS engines. They feature a casting that gives cylinder head porters more material to work with vs. stock heads.

Visit www.Edelbrock.com for more information.

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