26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2013
The Stars at PRI

At the Quarter-Max booth I ran into Pro Stock giant-killer Erica Ender-Stevens. What a cool lady; I enjoyed speaking with her.

This is my big moment at PRI: how about me with Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen!

Yep, this too. John Force holding court at PRI, and having a ball while doing so!

One of the greatest nitro crew chiefs of all time, Alan Johnson.

Gary Scelzi. I hope we see him back in the seat soon.

Force and Scelzi were having a great time clowning with each other.

Larry Dixon, one of the most recognizable and popular NHRA Top Fuel drivers, and always sought after for autographs.

You might know this name, but being a racer from Long Island I sure do. This is Gary Courtier, another legendary mega-mountain motor Pro Mod racer from New York.

The Cars at PRI
One thing's for sure: you will see some of the most beautiful and outrageous race cars on display at The PRI Show.

John Force brought three funny cars to PRI and had them on display in different areas of the show.

Wow. That sums it up. Just "Wow."

These two might be from different eras, but they're both equally bad-ass.
If you've been following The Dragtime News for any length of time and are familiar with my Dragtime News On Location coverage of events, then you know Alcohol Funny Car is my favorite class!
Nostalgia funny cars are gaining in popularity on the track, so it follows that we're seeing them at The PRI Show, too.

That wraps up our coverage of the 2013 Performance Racing Industry Show. If you've never attended and if after looking at the coverage you feel like you've been missing out, you have been. Go to PRI's website (www.performanceracing.com) and get to the 2014 show. I'll be there!

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