26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2013
Nitrous Express
Nitrous Express had their new Billet Crossbar Nitrous Plate System at PRI. The CNC-machined design integrates the nitrous and fuel discharge ports into a billet divider bar, which provides excellent atomization and cylinder distribution while eliminating the possibility of a rotated spray bar. Also on display was their new Compact 4-Port Showerhead distribution blocks which deliver consistent port-to-port flow in a compact package. Visit www.NitrousExpress.com for more info.
Jon Kaase Race Engines
For the Ford enthusiast in all of us, Jon Kaase Racing Engines has got you covered with their Boss Nine heads, intakes and valve covers for 429/460 big blocks and P-51 cylinder heads for 385 series big blocks. See more at www.jonkaaseracingengines.com
Be Cool Radiators
Last but certainly not least the new LS Swap radiators and modules from Be Cool. LS engines installed in older vehicles is getting more and more prevalent in the performance world. Be Cool offers proper-sized cooling systems in 400, 700, and 1,000 hp applications.All are designed with the correct sized inlets and outlets, and includes everything you'll need in one package. Visit www.BeCool.com.
The Stars at PRI

Frank Manzo, the Ace of Top Alcohol Funny Car

The crew from S-K Speed on Long Island. Why are they in the Stars section? Because when they walk into a booth, all other activity stops and all attention goes to them.

Pro Mod racers Dina and Andrew Parise. Look for a new car in their stable soon. To give you an idea of the size of the motors they run, those are probably indicative of the size of their pistons on the table.

Another ace of Top Alcohol Funny Car, Todd Veney at The Permatex booth.

Todd sharing stories with Sportsman racers Marty Jr. and Marty Rinehart.

Two major players in mega-cubic inch drag racing, Dave Hance (left) and Pat Musi (right).

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